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Romeo Smith - Luke Mitchell


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I like him so far. He seems a bit cocky when it comes to that ladies, but at the same time he doesn't come across as a sleeze.

I do think that pairing him with Annie is a bit odd though. Like someone said, he looks way too old to be with Annie. Maybe nothing will happen there, but it seems like that's where they're going.

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He reminds me of someone else that's famous, but I can't put my finger on who - and it's slowly driving me mad :o

So far, I like him. I find it odd that he refers to Jai as his little brother, yet Jai never told Annie about the foster place / where he became really close to one guy etc etc. Also, if he left the home before Jai did [to go live with the foster parents that he left when he was 16], how did he know Jai was in Summer Bay? Although I suppose the place they both stayed could have told him, maybe... Hmm!

He's arrogant, yup - but not in a sleazy manner. Remember how arrogant Aden was, way back when, and that was just pure in-your-face- aggression type arrogance. But Romeo's just cocky, and yet, I like the way he flirted lightly with Annie; no malice in his tone.

Hopefully he'll shake up the bay a bit :)

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There are so many things that bug me about Casanova's introduction. Firstly, why give him a surname as boring and normal as Smith, when his first name is so memorable? Unless he is somehow related to the Smith family who used to be in H&A. Even Luke Mitchell looks like he is about to burst out laughing when he has to say his character's name. Secondly, the actor simply cannot pass for 17, why did they make the character that young? It would be better if he were 19 or 20. To illustrate how ridiculous the age thing is - Luke Mitchell is two years OLDER than Christie Hayes, who is playing his foster mother effectively. Thirdly, pairing him up with Annie is just so wrong. He looks like he would get arrested if he went anywhere near Annie. Fourthly, while he is by no means unattractive, he is definitely not as good looking as they are making him out to be.

Smith is a very common name so its unlikely that he is related Nick, Hayley and Will. Its not the first time an older actor has been hired to play a 17 year. Trey obviously isnt 17. Cassie was about 23 in real life. Luke also starred in Neighbours as a teenager.

Luke Mitchell is going to be in the third series of H2O: Just Add Water. He shares a house with his old H20 castmates Cariba Heine (Rikki) Pheobe Tonkin (Cleo) and Burgess Abernethy (Zane). Burgess was in Home & Away as Cassies formal date remember the computer geek? I think his name was Sean Edwards.

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Ok anyone who is doubting the HOTNESS of Luke Mitchell has to watch this video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff28MD44rdc It lots of his modeling shots and him walking around um . . . topless.

:D He's my age in real life so Im allowiing myself drooling rights over him.

Ha! Needless to say im a Romeo fan, its about time the Bay got some more hot guys. I still Miss Noah.

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I think Luke Mitchel is gorgeous!! so sexy :wub:

heres his official website with lots of hot pics!


he's in h2o season 3 with Indiana, he plays her love interest, Will. He's a diver but rumors are saying he might turn out to be a merman :wub:

Im liking Romeo too! he's so cheeky :P how old is he suposed to be though?

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I think the actor is too old for the character. But how old is this character meant to be? If he still was only 17, shouldnt he have been at school?? What is it with all these kids who are not going to shcool?? Geoff quit school, so did Ric, what kind of signals do they give?

Well as someone said, it's not the first time that an older person is potraying a teenager. But it was better these days, when you could se who the young teenagers were, and who the older ones were. And they had different storylines which suited their age. Now every teen character are acting like they are adults. It's confusing, and we could have had better and a lot of different storylines if the characters were acting like normal kids/teenagers/young adults are doing at the age they are supposed to be.

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