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Romeo Smith - Luke Mitchell


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I like the character as Romeo as well. A great addition to the show. It's not really a typical type of person I would expect to see in a soap but I already like him. However I can't see someone like him liking Annie lol. I should also point out that I think Luke Mitchell is gay in real life. Watch the interview on the Home and Away website :)

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There are so many things that bug me about Casanova's introduction. Firstly, why give him a surname as boring and normal as Smith, when his first name is so memorable? Unless he is somehow related to the Smith family who used to be in H&A. Even Luke Mitchell looks like he is about to burst out laughing when he has to say his character's name. Secondly, the actor simply cannot pass for 17, why did they make the character that young? It would be better if he were 19 or 20. To illustrate how ridiculous the age thing is - Luke Mitchell is two years OLDER than Christie Hayes, who is playing his foster mother effectively. Thirdly, pairing him up with Annie is just so wrong. He looks like he would get arrested if he went anywhere near Annie. Fourthly, while he is by no means unattractive, he is definitely not as good looking as they are making him out to be.

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