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  1. I am really enjoying the 1993 episodes. I did watch them when I was younger but I don't really remember them because I was so young, but every now and then I remember some bits. It's very memorable and a great way to remember the early 90s. I am really going to miss the character of Bobby when she leaves. I think she is one of the best characters ever in the show and her departure will surely be felt. I am enjoying watching Angel and her relationship with Donald developing.
  2. This would be an amazing storyline! and bring back roots to the show! Would also give Irene more air time and more confrontations with Diana. Maybe Diana transfers to the hospital in Yabby Creek to be closer to Olivia
  3. I don't see the point in this character. I find his relationship with maddy to be unbelieveable. Maddy and Spencer ran out away from home to be together. Slept together for months but never had sex? Arent they teenagers? How many teenagers would do this and not have sex? I also find it unsettling how Spencer has an awesome body, even a 6 pack yet I never see him working out. Him and Maddy seem to always be perfect looking which makes his character seem unrealistic. It's still early days in this characters progression so I'm looking forward to seeing how the writers treat this character. I would love to see his Parents come to wreck havok. We need more villians in summer bay!!!
  4. I have never liked this character. I also don't like her pairing with Heath. I find Bianca to be boring and flat. I find it unrealistic that she would be dating Heath who is an arrogant river boy. I dislike both of these characters. I liked her storyline with the sids death and how it effected her but other then that, I cant see why anyone would really like her.
  5. This character has a lot of potential but I think the writers aren't sure where to go with him. It would be very realistic and smart if they made Dexter unsure about his sexuality. Like not sure if he is gay or not. The UK soap Emmerdale did a similar storyline and got massive ratings from the storyline. A storyline like this could be a massive rating hit for the show. Just look at how big the Charlie and Joey storyline was.
  6. I did not like Ruby when she first started however due to her recent storylines, she is one of my favourite characters on the show. Her character is fresh and exciting to watch. She is not perfect and makes mistakes. As a viewer, I feel sorry for her and it makes me want to watch her more
  7. I like the character as Romeo as well. A great addition to the show. It's not really a typical type of person I would expect to see in a soap but I already like him. However I can't see someone like him liking Annie lol. I should also point out that I think Luke Mitchell is gay in real life. Watch the interview on the Home and Away website
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