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Romeo Smith - Luke Mitchell


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Romeo really confuses me at the best of times.

Ok so right now

he's a single man

, he has no job, no real career prospects, the only thing that be seems to be focusing on in his life at the moment is surfing.

Now I totally get that he's passionate about it, but I just don't understand how he doesn't want more out of his life.

I do horseriding, and I am very passionate about it, but still I do not want it to be the only thing in my life! I am also have college right now, I am making plans for the future.

Isn't the drive for us as human beings to keep wanting more out of our lives within us all..? I just don't really think Romeo has that and I can't understand why.

He is entirely living in the moment, he is not thinking of his future at all. He's young so he doesn't have to worry about it but all his friends are already taking the baby steps to making a future for themselves. Ruby, Indi and Dex are in college, Xavier's in the Police Academy... I would just feel as if I was wasting my life away if my horseriding was the only thing in my life that I focused on! :rolleyes:

The whole thing is really quite unrealistic!

I actually think that's quite realistic.Whether you agree with what Romeo's doing or not, a lot of teenagers do leave school without any real idea of what they want to do with their lives.I don't think the rest of the crowd are as screwed on as you suggest:Ruby's deferred college(although at least she has an idea what to do)and it's a bit vague as to what Dexter's up to, he's got that job at the hospital which is obviously building up to something but I'm not sure if he's at college or not.

In real life, there are people who spend their whole lives drifting from one low paid job to another, or even having difficulty finding work at all.I don't know how feasible Romeo making money from being a pro surfer is, I assume it would be a short term career, but he'd hardly be unique in only thinking about what he wants at the moment rather than having a plan for the rest of his life.

As for ScreamingQueen's comment, they pretty much assassinated Romeo about a month after he came in by having him stab Jai in the back and deceive Annie so she'd go out with him.I've been somewhat ambivalent towards him ever since, he's never been the straight arrow that his image suggests.

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I only caught the end of Thursday May 10th episode but I hope Romeo will be ok. Poor Indi Ruby turns her away but when Romeo wakes up from the surgery he calls out Indi's name not Ruby's oh and if anyone has foxtel and wants to see more of Luke catch H20 Season 3 Friday on Disney Channel at 5:35pm times may be diffrent in each state I think in Adelaide South Australia it's at 5:35pm

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