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Dexter Walker - Tom Green & Charles Cottier


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I want to give a high five to Charles Cottier for his work as Dex this year. I think he deserves serious recognition and kudos and awards for his portrayal of a brain injured character. 2012 we have seen Dex support his sister, father through the murder of Stu, realize and reconnect with his April love, get into nursing, thrive at the hospital, rent their first place, go through the trauma of a car accident that was in no way his fault, learn to talk, walk and struggle back to normalcy again,

and then get set back with these new seizures.

He's impressed me SO much. I can't even say. To see all these sides to Dex that Charles has fleshed out. So much more than the comedy of previous years for his character and so impressive. Even with all these twists and turns and hurdles that have been thrown at Dex he's stayed completely true to his character, sweet, thoughtful, selfless and funny and I have been so freaking blown away with Charles's performance. A+ Dexter Walker year for me. I can not WAIT to see him deal with the fallout from this year into 2013.

Hear, Hear! Well-said, Izzy! High five to Charles Cottier! He does deserve a Logie for all his work! :D I had really enjoyed watching the car crash and aftermath storyline-it had been enjoyable to watch this year. :)

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I miss Dex. I miss Sasha and Dex's family interactions. I always liked Sasha most when she was with the rest of the Walkers.

I certainly Dex especially for his humorous side. I think the TPTB have been trying to make Chris the new comical character on the show but he's nowhere near Dex's level or Robbie Hunter's level for that matter.

I agree that Sasha seemed to have a greater purpose on the show when her whole family was around. Personally I think she should have been written out last year but with her contractual obligations and the fact that she came onto the show after the rest of the Walker family it wasn't surprising she stayed. At least her staying has allowed Matt Page to thrive as a character.

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I think that Chris is better than Dex, he has the potential to be a well rounded character if the writers had let him be that. He had a good serious side when Indi lost Romeo, and in the beginning with Spencer. I think it is a shame that they are just using a character for funny storylines. They are also ruining Jett/John/Marilyn that way.

But I do agree that Sasha isn't good without her family members. And she have had a lot of boyfriends storylines and other storylines when the rest of the Walkers left. To put her with just an another batboy boyfriend was pointless, and she would have had a better ending and rounding if she left with her father for good last year. She was still a high school girl and then she is supposed to be with her parent(s).

Or she could have stayed in the bay, but then more as an adult. Maybe working in Yabbie creek with something. Or studying at uni. They should have let her grown up a bit, we had seen enough with the high school dramas with Sasha. She has just going in circles the last 2 years or so, and the last year without the rest of the Walkers have been pointless.

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I always thought it was a shame that Dexter and Sasha were brother and sister. They would've made for a great couple. I can't remember the girl's name at the moment, but I did like him with... the girl he ended up with... in the end. She wasn't my favourite person in the world but I think they "got" each other.

Dexter was the comic relief of his day, but it was a dry sarcastic wit that had very little energy behind it. I could relate to that (having very little energy myself) and I loved it. Robbie was in ADHD territory with his zany enthusiasm, which actually annoyed me at first (bite my tongue!!) but now I'm always looking for his much-needed replacement. I believe that Chris is that replacement. I don't see Chris as replacing Dexter at all because I don't think he has a sarcastic bone in his body - he's just too positive and open to bother with saying things he doesn't mean. Of course, what he does mean to say often comes out wrong, making for delightful misunderstandings.

If I had to pick who was TRYING to be the zany comedic character, I would say it's Matt, and in my opinion he tries way too hard. I know everyone loves him, but some of it just seems too forced for me to enjoy. I feel like Matt is a very dark character at heart and so some of the comedy comes off as sarcasm to me, and mean-spirited sarcasm at that. HOWEVER. I think this is a writing/performance issue, or a personal perception issue, and NOT an intentional character trait. I just don't know how to take him. And it occurred to me the other day that this is very similar to how I felt about Robbie when he first showed up, so who knows? Maybe in six months time my avatar will proudly be displaying Matt.

I agree that Chris should be getting a few actual storylines to work with rather than just popping up to make amusing comments on others. He had an incredibly poignant moment with Spencer a few weeks back in the Aus episodes (I can't remember what pace this forum is so I won't go into details) so it would be nice to see more of that. Comedic characters don't always have to be "on" and I think Dexter was a perfect mix of comedy and ... well not exactly "drama", but definitely more down-to-earth realism than some of the farce we get these days.

In the meantime, may I direct any Dexter fans to season 2 of "Please Like Me" :)? He plays Patrick, a secondary character, but he's funny, sarcastic, AND makes out with boys! Which, if you ask me, Dexter should've been doing in Home and Away too but we all know how that goes.

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Dexter was my favourite character I haven't really had a favourite since he has left. Chris can be quite funny. I'm not too sure about Matt yet. I feel he may get better without Sasha nagging at him all the time. I think he and VJ could be a good sort of double act. But I see Matt as a sort of dark character too.

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