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  1. This a problem that is not exclusive to Tori, that I agree. I think this is problem with most of the younger cast. Raffy has probably done the best out of the Morgans for branching out. But look at the likes of Justin, Brody, Mason, Hunter, Olivia, Kat, Ash - they only hang out with their current or potential love interest. Justin and Ash refer to each other as best friends but they never actually interact. Brody and Mason have no friends outside their new love interests (and if/when those end they have nothing). I complain about Tori's lack of friendships in my previous post, because Tori has such a split personality between her work/family self and this childish insipid creature she becomes around men. I feel I could like her more if only she did more outside of the realms of her romantic relationships.
  2. My problem with Tori is that she becomes incredibly insipid when it comes to her love life. I realise that she is supposedly naive about relationship but I have no desire to see a woman who is supposedly mature enough to be the head of ED, act like a prepubescent child around men. I know a romance with Ash is on the cards, but I personally have no desire to see that. I would rather they tried to branch out Tori's friendship circles.
  3. Agreed - her relationship with Andy was definitely her downfall. It always felt like Hannah was meant to be the "nice one" without having any of the nice qualities. And yet, she lacked any qualities to make her flaws interesting. I don't see any similarities between Tori and Hannah except that like Hannah, I feel Tori's characterisation has been ruined by her romantic pairings/
  4. I don't see any similarities between Ben and Zac. Zac was likeable, and didn't have an anger issue.
  5. I thought Matt was a great character and it was a shame to lose him. I felt Alec Snow has such natural charm and charisma playing him, and I do feel that they missed a chance to really test his acting abilities by giving him so few storylines. He had great chemistry with his friends, but also with his adult role models such as Zac, Leah and Roo. Hope all the best for Alec in the future!
  6. I just want this Billie pregnancy storyline to be done with so that we can move on. On the other hand, VJ has proven himself to be the most genuinely sweet guy who is left on the show (other than Zac). I still feel they missed an opportunity for a Skye/VJ/Billie love triangle!
  7. Exactly - this show does this all the time now. They bring guys in such as Kyle, Andy and Hunter and have them perform acts that are pretty irredeemable. And then with no evidence of any significant character change or redemption, suddenly try to sell this character as a bad boy with a heart. At least with Kane, the redemption arc lasted more than 5 minutes. Having Hunter repeatedly refer to Tabitha as a psycho even though he had only recently stabbed Andy in prison, makes his character the world's biggest hypocrite to boot. I think Olivia has potential as a character but only if she branches out from hanging out with someone more broken than her.
  8. I think the problem with Phoebe is the problem that exists for all females introduced in the past few years. She is introduced as a Braxton love interest, and is never really developped beyond that. After they split her up from Kyle, it just feels like they are bouncing her from one guy to the next because they don't know what else to do with her. That storyline with Dom is a prime example of that - what exactly did it achieve? I agree with Luke39, that part of the problem is that she has very much become a Mary Sue character.
  9. To be honest, with Ricky, there are few ties left in Summer Bay. I can't see any reason for him to return.
  10. I hated the Hugo smuggling story. I actually enjoyed Hugo/Martha a lot more than Jack/Martha - Martha came across less like a spoilt princess, and more fun and spirited. Hugo seemed like the calm contrast to her spirit. However, they massively ruined that with the people smuggling storyline - and it seemed ridiculous that Martha would run off with Hugo after knowing what he did.
  11. So true. This pretty much how I felt about Brax's departure storyline too.
  12. I personally felt that Matt/Maddy had the potential to be an interesting couple - but that potential was wasted by rushed storylines. I have never been a fan of Oscar/Maddy as a couple as I never truly believed that they loved each other. I felt that Oscar often had Maddy on a pedestal, and I felt that Maddy loved how Oscar made her feel rather than loving him in her own right. I felt the bulk of their relationship was built around Oscar being there fore Maddy, and their co-dependence. So I found it realistic that they would drift apart once Maddy no longer needed him in the same way (especially as Maddy's support network has increased significantly since she was diagnosed with cancer). The initial drifting apart of Maddy and Oscar felt quite organic, but the writers ruined that by ultimately trying to make the Oscar the bad guy to expedite the process. When Evie felt tried to set up Matt and Maddy, I rolled my eyes. But as their friendship continued, I felt they had a very natural chemistry about the way they interacted - like they kinda got each other, and didn't have to pretend to be anyone else. I liked the fact that they could be brutally honest with each other. I believed in their friendship so when Matt started developing feelings for Maddy, I was intrigued to see how it panned out. Unfortunately, I should have known better. Instead the writers decided to rush through the milestones in their relationship making any declaration of love seem shallow and insincere. And the decision to move in with each other is ridiculous. But at the end of the day, these guys are teenagers, I am sure there will be more partner-swapping I don't necessarily agree with the comparisons to Josh/Maddy or Sasha/Matt. Matt has his flaws, but I think he has come a long way since when he first arrived - mainly thanks to Leah/Zac and the makeshift family he now has. I agree that he still has some growing up to do, but then again, so does Maddy.
  13. I love Billie - even when I hated what she did to Nathan because she has an element of vulnerability that is quite touching. It is kinda reminiscent of how I felt about Ruby who even at her most frustrating at the end of her time in H&A, could still break my heart.
  14. I think I would disagree about Evie/Andy. Admittedly, I have no desire to see Andy having a happy-ever-after while he shows no remorse for killing someone in cold-blood or helping to cover up someone else pyromaniac tendencies. But my real problem with seeing an Evie/Andy pairing, is why I would have a problem with Evie/Matt. One of Evie's most irritating flaws is her sanctimonious attitude - I have no desire to see her in a romantic relationship where she is constantly putting down her partner in an effort to make him a better person. That being said, Phillipa seems to be capable of having chemistry with most characters.
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