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Dexter Walker - Tom Green & Charles Cottier


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I agree that Dexter is a good role model but, frankly, turning him gay would undermine that slightly for me.There are plenty of kids out there like Dex, intelligent, kind-hearted, slightly idiosyncratic kids, who probably get bullied for being gay despite being straight, just because they differ from the norm and don't fit into the stereotypical box of how a straight male behaves.The last thing they need is a television programme reinforcing the prejudice that yes, someone like that would be gay.Mind you, having him crack onto his female best friend when she's dating his male best friend doesn't exactly make him a good role model either.

See, this is what is annoying me about the Dex/April thing. On all occasions we've seen Dex interact with girls, never once has he crossed the line of confessing/acting on feelings while the girl was already taken. What makes April so different? I'm totally okay with him having a little crush, but if he ever crosses that line of acting on it while April is still with Xavier I might cry. Dex doesn't do that. He isn't that love-crazy that he acts like Ruby and hooks up without thinking -- If anything Dex overthinks the situation, meaning he has it all planned out in his head, but would never act on it. That's why the videos were so good, because could say what he thought without having to deal with 'people'.

If they're going to introduce a gay character, it doesn't need to be the outsider and it doesn't need to be a thuggish criminal either, which is becoming a bit of a cliche in itself.What they really need is a gay male character who, if you excuse the stereotype, likes footie and having a drink with his mates and generally behaving like a "normal" teenage boy, which might convince a few narrow-minded people that someone like them is just as likely to be gay as someone they pick on.I think the problem with the Charlie/Joey storyline wasn't that it was a cheap PR stunt for ratings(look at Nicole and Freya for that)but that it wasn't genuine character development either:It was a storyline and once it was over Charlie did something else.

I agree wholeheartedly about the Charlie/Joey 'storyline' as one big PR stunt. However, why is the footy/drinking option the norm? Maybe I'm getting too caught up in the semantics of it all, because obviously while H&A is popular, it isn't about to change peoples minds or the expectations of society. But that's sort of what I always admired about Dex. That he didn't care whether what he did was considered 'normal' or not. Yes, his dad had a problem with it, but Dex still made videos and still makes random references in every day conversation, and isn't going to change. I think it would be much more empowering to have a character be who he is, while sexuality becomes irrelevant. Ultimately, I realise that is never going to happen, because we are all so caught up with labels, but I guess the point I want to make is that I think conforming to the 'norm' is sort of stupid in order for something to be significant. Why can't Dex be who he is and be gay, and still not care what people think?

I don't know if what I'm saying is even making sense, and I completely understand your perspective, but I keep getting flashbacks to the Kurt/Blaine/Karofsky situation on Glee in which you have one very flamboyant person, one more conservative character, and then the jock. I guess in a perfect world, or if the fans were in charge of the show, we could show all sides of the argument -- or make the point that weird=/=gay, but I guess what I'm trying to get at, is that I don't think Dex is weird at all. He's the normal one by comparison to the rest of the teens at the moment.

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I don't want Dex to be gay because I think he and April are adorable together. If they do get together I want them to be the couple that stays together forever. I really can't imagine Dex with anyone else, April is a great fit for him, they did a great job developing that friendship.

As for the gay storylines in general, like the post above me says, if they can't do it right, for whatever reason, they should just not bother doing them at all.

I agree with you here. Dex and April fit so well together. I don't think he is gay.

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I just ... I don't know. I can't.

On the one hand, the Dex/April is quite cute. I mean, put Dex in a scene by himself and he's pretty adorable. But then you add April and their nerdiness and use of phrases like, "Capital L like" and I'm sitting and watching with my chin in my hands the entire time. The only thing that would probably be more cute, is like, Dex and a puppy. But that might explode my tv, from all the adorable. But anyways, I'm losing focus. So yeah, I think Dex/April is cute and I quite like them together. It's so nice to see someone liking Dex for who he is. And not making him feel awkward, and appreciating all the awesome that he is. It was so great to see April go after Dex, and that scene on the lounge was one of my faves. And yeah, them kissing (both times) was pretty darn great.


But then on the other hand, Dex would never go after a girl. Dex pines, and longs, he doesn't make the first move. He's an awkward turtle, who has feelings he can't figure out, and values friendship, and would never turn into the guy who kisses a girl when she has a boyfriend. That is just the biggest no I can even think of. I don't care if he likes her or not, it's just a big fat NO.

But they're so cute together, and Dex was so happy when she finally admitted to liking him to.

But April is cheating on Xavier with Dex - No!

I don't think I've ever seen Dex kiss with that much enthusiasm.

Dex should run far away, because when Xavier inevitably finds out, Dex better watch out.

But now they can make coupley videos for Dex's blog.

Dex only did it because he was feeling lonely, and his sister has just gone off and got married, so he's wondering when he's going to find The One.

They are good friends, it makes for them to take the next step.

No! No no no no no.

The adorable is too much.

I just.


Okay, I think that's everything. Just continue with your day.

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It's kind of cheating but I'm sure we can all understand where they are coming from and they have every intention of telling Xavier all about it and possibility of asking him to join in :huh:

This, my friend, is quite possibily the greatest idea I've heard all night.

Does someone want to right the fanfic or shall I? :wink:

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