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Famous people you've met.

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I know there's a thread similar to this somewhere as I remember listing them, think it might have been pruned since then though

As for me....well you can guess the majority of them, but it's just part of the job....

Los Angeles (2002)

Kate Ritchie

Bec Cartwright

Danny Raco

Dan Collopy

Oz (2004)

Kate Ritchie (remembered me from LA)

Laurie Foell

Ray Meagher

Christie Hayes

Lynne McGranger

Sam Atwell

Joel McIlroy

Tammin Sursok

Jason Smith

Isabel Lucas

Ben Unwin

Kip Gamblin (also on phone in 2005 for BTTB interview)

Indiana Evans

Clarissa House

Mark Furze

Ryan Maloney

Janet Andrewartha

Patrick Harvey

London Cast Party (2005)

Laurie Foell (also on the phone the day before for BTTB's interview)

Ada Nicodemou

Isabel Lucas

Jason Smith

Chris Hemsworth

Mick Beckley

James Alexandrou (EastEnders)

The Honeyz (some girl band)

Various other z-list celebs I'd never heard of.....

Oz (2007)

Kate Ritchie (actually approached me this time, after spotting me from the beach - was a bit surprised I was back again)

Josh Quong Tart (whispered during a break that he was going to start signing his name as Brad Pitt for fans, as no-one actually knew who he was at that time)

Jon Sivewright

Rhys Wakefield

Lyn Collingwood

Amy Mathews

Conrad Coleby

Chloe Marshall (Lil Pippa)

Jodi Gordon

Lincoln Lewis

Paul O'Brien

Indiana Evans

Bob Morley

Jess Tovey

Charlotte Best

Todd Lasance

Sharni Vinson

Jack Rickard

Holly Brisley

Bob Baines

Cornelia Frances

Ray Meagher

Ada Nicodemou

Sam Atwell

Bevan Lee (had a drink with him in the city)

Laurie Foell (couple of meet-ups/lunch over the weeks)

There's various other cast I have spoken to via email, but not in person.

Other people:

Caroline Quentin (quite a few times, along with hubby and baby)

Amanda Holden (and her dog Nobby who was guest starring in one ep)

Les Dennis (sat next to him during a recording of a sitcom that his then wife Amanda was in)

Gwen Taylor

Liz Carling

Mark Benton

Sherrie Hewson

Nadia Sawalha

Jean Alexander

Bill Nighy

Most of those last ones were whilst watching the recording of various sitcoms/shows at our local TV studios (before the idiots at ITV closed them down). Other than that there's a few people I went to school with who ended up in various ITV shows (Woof, Crossroads, At Home with the Braithwaites)

I'll shutup now.... :ph34r:

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These are the one I can think of off hand:

Idina Menzel

Adam Garcia

Kerry Ellis

Miriam Morgoyles

Nigel Planer

Susie Blake

Brian May

Ruthie Henshall

Anne Charleston

Rula Lenska

Daniel McPherson

Ryan Moloney

Toyah Wilcox

John Altman

Leila Birch

Shaun Williamson

The Cheeky Girls

I've also been in the same room as (though not strictly met):

Julie Walters

Rowan Atkinson

Alan Carr

Barbara Windsor

Cheryl Cole

Michael Ball

Sheila Hancock

Celia Imrie

Jill Halfpenny

Jonathan Wilkes

Greta Schaachi

Ron Moody

Stephen Gately

Neve Campbell

Summer Strallen

Richard Greive

Simon Williams

Rod, Jane and Freddy!

.....I'm sure there's more, might update if I think of more! :wink:

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Wow, my pathetic list can't top that :lol:

I went to the Break Up movie premier in London and met Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. I got Jen's autograph and said a few words to her - she was incredibly sweet and lovely. I shook Vince's hand which was rather nice!

I've met a lot of famous people from the world of 3 day eventing, but unless you're into it you won't know them.

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various times through 90's i met take that! (i stalked them!!! lol)

met gary barlow backstage after one of his solo concerts

won a competition a last month to spend backstage with take that! gary remembered me!!

other people jamie theakston, liberty x and the lady judge from strictly come dancing

but im never met anyone from h&a :(

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LOL, Wow! Dan im so jelous!! al you ppl that have met H&A stars :(

I forgot to mention earlier Summer Glau! I love her! hehe.

Kirsty- Whos the ppl you met at the 3 day events cuz thats where i met all of mine. Except the WWE ones.

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I've met a lot of Norwegian celebrities, including an olympic gold medal winner and one winner of the Eurovision song contest (I've actually met her two or three times, gotten a happy birthday note from her, and spoken to her on the phone once).

I can't really think of any international celebrities I've met though... I guess Liv Grete Skjelbreid Poiree is fairly famous if you're interested in biathlons, even though she's more of a Norwegian celebrity than an international one :P

Oh, and I've walked past some of the band members of Kamelot, although I haven't really met them, just been close by. But many of my friends have met them several times, as the vocalist is from my home town and many of us had his mother as our french teacher in high school :P

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