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Famous people you've met.

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I've only met Belgian celebrities so most of you will probably never have heard of them. :P

I met Brahim, Sandrine, Wim Soutaer, Sha-Na and Willy Sommers. I also saw the actress (forgot her real name :rolleyes: ) who played Albertine in Familie when I was on holiday in France. I didn't talk to her though. :)

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I have met Ray Meagher (H & A) Dan Paris (Neighbours) Mark Little (neighbours) Anne Charleston (Neighbours and Emmerdale) John Challis (Only fools and horses) Hannah Waterman (used to be in Eastenders) Ricky Groves (eastenders) Gillian Taylforth (used to be in Eastenders and Footballers Wives) Gary Beadle (used to be on Eastenders) Kim Gee (runner up on Pop Idol) Lisa Riley (Used to be in Emmerdale) Dora Bryan (last of the summer wine) Maureen Nolan (One of the Nolan sisters)

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Ummm, okay.


Todd Lasance

Mark Furze

Rebecca Breeds

Jodi Gordon

Ray Meagher

Lynne Granger [is that even her surname?] lol

Axle Whitehead

Luke Bracey

Kain O'Keefe

Jessica Tovey

Charlotte Best

Christie Hatton-Hayes

Sam Atwell

Lincoln Lewis

Josh QT

Jordan Rodriguez

David Jones-Roberts

Bernard Curry

Luke Jacobz

Conrad Coleby

Esther Anderson

Ada Nicodemeu

the kid that plays VJ

-racks brains-

Search for Joseph on BBC / Avenue Q

Daniel Boys :wub:

Film Actors;

Ben Stiller

Jack Black

Robert Downey Jr

Adam Garcia


Sir James Galway

Wes Carr

Idina Menzel

Sharon Shannon

The Chieftains

Matt Molloy

Phil Coulter

Kip Gamblin

Tommy Tiernan

-shrug- i'll be back if i think of more :)

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LOL wow!! al those H&A ppl! very jelous! :(

I forgot to put mine down haha.

Mostly buffy angel:

Felicia day (buffy, dollouse and bring it on again)

J august richards. (angel and so much more)

Vincent kartheiser (Angel and Madmen)

Keith Sarabakja (Angel. the dark night. and s much more)

Tom Lenk (Buffy)

Christian Kane (Angel. Other movies, And hes a singer)

Julliet Landau (buffy. ANdlike loads more lol)

Elizabeth Rohm (Angel and Law and order)

Neil roberts (Charmed and Holby city, hes also in a thing on disney channel can't remember the name. Oh life bites)

Clare Kramer (Buffy, Bring it on)

Jonathan Woodward (angel, Buffy firefly.)

Amy acker (Angel,Alias, Supernatural,dollhouse)

Mostly Firely/serenity and dollhouse.

Jewel staite (Firely/serenity)

Morene baccarin (firefly/serenity)

Nectar rose (Firely/Serenity)

Mark sheppard. (hes pretty much been guest roles in everything lol,)

Dominic keating (Umm, cant memebr haha)

Miracle laurie (Dollhouse)

Dichen Lachman (Katya in neighbours. and In dollhouse)


Zach Levi! (Chuck in chuck) He's probs the nicest guy ever lol, I lurv him!

Adam baldwin (chuck, firefly, angel)

I met Andy Hallet. He died a few months ago, Hes was such a great person and a amazing actor! he played lorne in Angel. And he was a very talented singer!


I shook Y2J's hand.

Maria ahook my hand.

Kofis kingstin ( touched him)

Kelly kelly ( touched her hand)

Rey Mysterio, (Stood in fornt of me and touched my shouler!)

RANDY ORTON hugged me!! and winked at me!! ahh!

Can't think of anymore lol, But im going ot meet James Marsters and Nicholas Brendon in Oct!! :)

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I've only met celebrity chefs, at the BBC Good Food Show in Birmingham, I went there two years ago, with my college catering course

I met -

Jame Oliver

Gordon Ramsey

Anthony Worrell Tompkinson

& Aninsley Harrot

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