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  1. Happy Birthday hubby have a good one from your wife xxxxxxxxxxx
  2. I couldnt agree with you more Muse 2004/5 were the best story lines ever so much has change and not for the good i,m hopwing his new aeries will do well and at long last he makes it in the states all though i miss him in HAA but Actors have to move on .
  3. Nicholas Bishop who Played Peter Baker was suppose to die in the blast on Martha and Jacks Wedding day but unbeknowns to any one he was put into whitness protection because some one was after him his family didnt know neither did Peter him self he came back a few months later to save his son Drew from Gillans Hench men. Later once established back in the bay he went on to marry Amanda Vale and the eventuly Moved to the city where they are still suppoadly living and hes still in police work . Nicholas Bishop him self is in the states working on a series soon to be shown on ABC TV Body of Proof a series fior tv.
  4. Corrie will be explosive next week with it being on every night at 9 pm just wondering who is about to cop it .
  5. "COFFEE" you told me dont like the drink ? Cup of Tea
  6. And how do you follow that Thanks Red Ranger for the stasticis any way geting back to corrie what about tonight when it all kickes off shush , So looks as though Tina is going to stick the knife in for Gail between her and Tracey is it bye bye Gail? I see Graham and Taina geting together they will make a lovley couple hes really looked after her and got her back to her old self .
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