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Famous people you've met.

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I have met The Corrs, Ricky Martin, Kylie Minogue. Joey McIntyre,Pink(the singer), Rove McManus and also some f the Carlton Football Club players and also Trevor Hendy and Guy Leech as well as Stephanie McIntosh who used ot be in neighbours and Cosima De Vito

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I saw Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson during the filming of In Bruges.

I've met both as well, in Dublin. They were kind of quiet, not rude, but not exactly friendly.

They were here for like 3 months, you could see them filming practically everyday but i've only seen them once close to my door, it's the scene where Colin (Ray) attempts suicide. I wish they could do it all over again :(
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Although I never been Down Under I know friends who have been lucky enough to meet alot of Famous Aussie from various series. Even here in America my ex-GF in New York got to met alot of her heroes Like Nicole Kidman. another woman Hugh Jackman. My best Mate Down Under his sister is a reporter and she lets him go with her on interviews when in Sydney and he went to a H&A party once. I dont know who was there however he said they where nice people! I also knew people in melbounre who went to Neighbours events and knew some of the actors? One bloke talked to one of his heroes who happens to be in my username.

Others I know been to plays and met alot of famous stars.

For me I been lucky as a Scifi fan to meet alot of actors from various shows most famous of whichsome of the most well known would be examples like William Shatner, Jeri Ryan, and Robert Picardo who appeared on more than one series!

Most of what I hear have been very nice however I also heared from people the likes of "Yes they are nice however you can tell they dont want to be bothered"

Im very happy to hear of anyone meeting thier hero as its alot better than a signed pic in the mail!!!

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I would like to add that my friend in QLD a few years ago worked at Australia Zoo and knew the late Steve Irwin.

He told me he enjoyed the year he worked there and that they was a serious side to Steve the fans who watched him on TV didnt see as he was very careful around the animals he worked with. he knew what he was doing around them. Its sad he gone.

I guess if I dealing with Crocs and taipans I would be too!

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