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Fan Fiction Recommendations Thread

Guest Skykat

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Please use this thread to recommend fanfictions to each other and ask for recommendations. Please do not use this thread to promote your own fics, spam, etc, etc and please try to give a reason for recommending the fic/author. :)

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Valid recommendations from the thread in the announcements section.


I reccomend chapter 72 of Unfamilar, took my breath away. Everyone has to read it, Story by Taniya_K (Very talented writer!). You'll love it biggrin.gif


I recommend three fics I've read about Drew and Belle: In Memorium [by Jen]; Hello Stranger [by Lise]. The other one is called The Awkward Reunion [by wrongturntaken] about what happened when Drew, Lucas, Matilda etc. came back to the bay and found Belle was going out with.... Aden ohmy.gif.

Another two I recommend are Red Ranger's Crossover and Alternates. They are sci fi / fantasy stories about alternate universes i.e. what would happen if certain characters had made different choices with their lives?


I recommend; And Just Like That - Everything Changes by KirstyEkua. It's beautifully written and is working progress but it basically tells the story of Tony and Rachel coping after Jack's death and other circumstances that try to come between them and is also intertwined with Martha's feelings of loneliness after losing Jack and Leah being reminded of Dan's death and learning to cope as a single Mum again. Kim's also recently come back into the story to spice things up. Kirsty's an incredible writer so I really recommend this to anyone whose interested in reading emotional, honest, descriptive fics!


Everything changes written by KirstyEkua. It's amazing. Really well written smile.gif


Title: History Seems To Repeat Itself

Author: h&a-girl

Category: Longfic

Genre: eg: Drama

Main Characters: eg: Belle and Amanda

Rating: G/T (More G than T)

Summary: Belle's pregnant and finds herself confiding in someone who's been through the same thing

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Skykat I already created a thread in the general disucssion :(

I personally find the most talented writer and the most outstanding fic that I have ever read is called "The missing pieces" by wrongturntaken. This member has captured Aden and Belle's character perfectly, I can picture them when Im reading the fic, and how the character reacts to a situation/issue is spot on.

The second best writer I have come across is Taniya_K. This members writes and writes! 8 pages on average! The use of language and describing a scene is unbelieveable. Unfamiliar is one of the best adelle fics you'll ever read!

Next I'd like to recommend Matticus01. This person can write feelings and thoughts wonderfully, taking readers inside the mind of a character and allowing us to feel and grasp an understanding of what the character is experiencing.

Lastly I'd like members to keep an eye out for the brilliant Louise_2983. (Louise_2983) can write like a pro, the concepts are always different to other fics and the use of lanuage and description is amazing!

I am aware that these writers are fans of adelle. But they are all very talented writers and need to be recognised.

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I agree with all those writers and recommendations Steph, their fictions are very good all the ones you have mentioned, and are all very good writers, and all of those, are my favourite fictions on his.

I'd also like to reccommed In Memorium - written by Jen - its a great fiction, one of my favourite fictions to read on here, and basically its about Belle, Drew, and Aden, with Drew comming back for Dan Bakers memorium. Jen also writes it from Drew's point of view, which is really well written!

In my opinion along with the fictions which Steph has mentioned, Jen's fiction is the best one on here :D

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I've have to say the top two writers on this forum are wrongturntaken and Taniya. A bright future ahead of them :D

I've not read any fic's written by these guys mainly because I don't read Adelle fics.

and no offence and not a personal attack but how can you say these are the 2 top writers on the forum if you only read Adelle fics :unsure: Theres plenty other great writers on the forum that write all kinds of fic's :)

Thanks for the recomendations all the same I will be looking out for a new fic they will write in the future :)

Anyway I want to reccomend "And just like that everything changes" written by KirstyEkua.

Its definitely one of the best fic's I've read and the way she describes things in her writing it makes you feel like you are actually there in the story.

Brilliant fic and a must read for any Tachel fan :D

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the fic "Forever&&always" by mizzybee is great, i love it! it is a fic based on nicole and geoff who i love!! its really well written! so thanx mizzybee!!

i am also liking "If no one will listen" by louise 2983.

it is also a fic based on nicole and geoff, it is very interesting, and it is only starting so it has alot of potential!!

thanx for all the great fics!


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Just two of the reasons why I recommend Skykat:- :)

Acres of bush, fields of red sand and orange dirt, littered with off green bushes and weird coloured trees. The lush green of England was now miles away and the Australian terrain was wild and rugged in a mural of yellow and gold, reflecting the colours of the sun which burnt so strongly onto the land.

It was a warm night, not quite the height of summer, but Sally felt suffocated by the heat. The stars glittered against a bare, black canvas almost as if they had been painted there, too perfect to be real. Everything was so still. Crickets buzzed in the neat, well cared for grass, unseen but definitely not unheard and in the background the gentle swell of the waves could be heard crashing against the sand. Sally felt an overwhelming urge to run, to run to that beach, to the sea, to immerse herself in the water, wash away the memories...

To Say Goodbye

(a Sally fic)


(Northern Districts Library)


That scream.

Pulling back the covers, he stepped onto the soft, plush carpet and quietly crept across the room, pulling open the door, being careful not to wake Nicky. You see, you grew up fast when you had to. You were ten years older than your mates the same age as you when you heard a scream with the same aching terror you once knew so well.

The screaming had stopped, replaced by moans, cries. They were coming from the new girl’s room. Gingerly he crept across the corridor and pushed open her door.

He could see her body tossing and turning in the bed, her arms violently lashing out. She was crying in her sleep, fighting something invisible. Ric increased his pace until he was kneeling at her bedside.

“Hey, hey, wake up,” he urged, shaking her gently. She opened her eyes and, to his horror, screamed, recoiling from him.

Cold moonlight shone on her frightened face. “Don’t let him get me!” She whispered, her small, dark eyes wide with fear.

“It’s okay, nobody’s going to get you, you’re safe now. I’ll protect you...” Ric’s words ran into each other in his anxiety to reassure.

Nobody should have to scream like that. Nobody should have to be so...There wasn’t a word for it. It was more than scared. It was more than lonely. Maybe when he grew up, he’d know all the right words, but right now all he knew was it scalded his heart.

He had been in foster homes most of his life, he had met some seriously messed up kids but he had never seen anybody as terrified as this girl was now...

These Nightmares

(a Ric/Cassie fic)

written in collabortion with sevenpuddings


Warning: This fic is an “A” rating

Still in The Vault tho it should be rescued and continued

I don’t think I need to say anymore. The words speak for themselves. :D

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I've not read any fic's written by these guys mainly because I don't read Adelle fics.

Because I have been into various genres of fics, I admit I haven't read the ENTIRE fic but judging the use of description, language, dialouge I BELIEVE that Taniya and wrongturntaken are the best. :P Just read chapter 72 of Unfamilar, it's unbelieveable!!! :D

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