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Fan Fiction Recommendations Thread

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Aww thanks... :blush: I'm really crap at writing stories but thanks anyway. ^_^ I'm trying to improve my writing skills....trying....still trying....lol

No Lily-G........... elmo_loves_you is right.....

you write your story's with such description it is amazing

I highly recomend Unexpected by Lily-G.......... just pure brilliance :D

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I loved Summer Romance, it was addictive seriously! ^_^ Those who haven't read it, READ IT!! :cool:

Surprisingly, A Summer Romance was a last minute fiction haha... who's to think it turned out to be so popular.....

Another fic I would like to recommend is "It all began when Aden was really mean to Mattie....."

It is written by jack+martha=trooluvv

With a large amount of characters, such as Belle, Matilda of course, Geoff, Aden, Martha, Roman, Jack... it is just a pure delight to read and you will also get a laugh! :P

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Awww, Bec, that made my day :P I don't think I'm such a good writer *blush*

I would recommend matticus01's oneshot "Am I Perfect Yet?" It made me cry. And her various other fics, as well. They are entertaining to read, with just the right amount of description and atmosphere so they don't go over-the-top. I haven't really been reading many fics as recently though so I have no one else to recommend right now. I'm not sure if Miranda is still writing but I loved her oneshots focusing around Leah, Roman, Miles, Irene etc, some of the lesser written about characters...

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I’d also recommend this fic (CIRCLES; T Rating) by Skykat to Irene fans. It’s set back in the early days when she was an alocoholic

His lips curled into a snarl. “Still got the same foul mouth on you, hey, Ma? Two years in gaol and this is the welcome home I get. The place looks like a hovel and you...you look like a dog’s breakfast. Still on the grog too, I see. When was the last time you took a shower, Ma? Hey, Ma? When?”

He had moved further inside the room but not close enough for her to give his smug face the resounding smack it deserved. She reached, hands shaking, for her cigarette packet, asking herself why this son of hers always managed to push her buttons and make her feel like nothing. But she knew why. It was because he was so like Mud, the same sneer, the same anger in those dark, dark eyes.

She grasped the packet of cigarettes hungrily and, with nicotine-stained fingers and bitten down nails, reached for her lighter. The pack was empty. She cursed and threw it aside and fell down on her hands and knees, feeling under dresser and sofa, anywhere, for any discarded cigarette ends. She found a long stub, lit up and inhaled deeply. Feeling Nathan’s scornful gaze on her again, she rose, rubbing ingrained carpet dirt from her hands and on to her ripped and filthy oversized tee-shirt.

“Whatcha gawkin' at? Just nick off, will yer? I ain’t got no quids for yer so there’s no point yer comin’ here anymore.”

She turned her back on him and headed for the tiny, cramped kitchen. There were dirty pots, pans and plates covering every available surface and the trash can was overflowing but Irene neither noticed nor cared as she systematically threw open cupboards in a desperate search for a fresh bottle of grog...

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There's lots of fics that I'd recommend. I can't actually recall many of the names though, which sucks. :P However, one that has stuck out in my mind is the following one, which I remember because it actually made me emotional. Which is pretty impressive, because fics don't tend to move me as much as this one did. I also think you'll appreciate this more given the current storylines of the show, even though it is an AU fic:

Closer - by silver_butterfly.

It was back in the day where Jack and Martha ruled the fanfic boards, and I probably read them all! :P So it was so refreshing and nice to see this new writer (a one-off writer I believe too :() write this different one shot. It's not typical Jack and Martha, and it's not long and dramatic either. It's short and simple and grabs you from the start. Read it if you like J&M. Read it if you don't. I liked it. :)

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i recomend "if no one will listen" by louise! Its such an addictive storyline!

It is so well written! Yous hould defo read it!

Also "Forever&&Always" BY mizzybee! Its really well written and descriptive,#

Any Geoff/nicole lover will love any of the fics ive mentioned

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I never really feel comfortable recommending fics, because I always feel awful about singling one out. However, I'm going against myself here, because I just have to recommend "Years From Now" by I Love Music. Being a KK fan, I'm naturally saddened by the direction the show has taken in ending the relationship and pairing Kirsty and Miles. This fic really portrays what I think the show fails to see. Which is that KK's was a bond that'll never go away, regardless of whether they're together or not.

It's not recommended to any KK-ers that are easily nostalgic, because it'll more than likely make you sad/annoyed/angry lmao. Then again, it's exactly what it did to me and I'll probably go back and read it another few hundred times. :P

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