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Liam Murphy - Axle Whitehead

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I'm liking Liam Murphy, at first i thought he'd just be Belle's tool but after a few scenes at the hospital,a sneak peak with his son..

I'm telling you guys :o i'm loving Liam Murphy, he's my number two at the moment of the the mAle characters plus his a ROCK star! looks like a rockstar is good looking..

Liam Murphy :wub::wub::wub:

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Yes I love him too, he's son is soo freakin cute! I was unsure about Axel but he's acting is pretty good :P I hope Aden gets jealous of Liam :lol:

Aden is definiatley going to be jealous of Liam,

it was mentioned in the week 17 spoilers, so, it shouldn't be too long after that, till Adelle get back together.

I hope their reunion is hot, we need plenty of kissing.

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I'm LOVING him! I think he's a great character so far - older, more experienced and really sweet. I'm usually biased against men who screw up their marriages (having been the wife in that situation) but I'm finding myself sympathetic towards him. And I really like how he's giving Belle a positive expression finally. I can actually see how he'd be either a good friend or good boyfriend to Belle. I hope he stays in the Bay for awhile :)

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I have to admit I was unsure about Liam because I just thought that he was going to come between Adelle but now I officially LOVE him. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him :D

I am looking forward to Aden being jealous!

Bring on the next few weeks thats all I need to say :lol:

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