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  1. Ive noticed a change in his character as well (well acted by jon as always!) and it would be hard for someone not to change after going through what he has had to go through the last year and a bit and John is a jerk in the higest order.....I think we can all relate to getting fed up with anything. I do think its unfar that it was OK Rachel went back to work without talking to him and yet no one is happy that the same thing has happend here
  2. Looks like it! Rachel only had one scene in a whole week last week. I think it's a real shame that apart from that one episode last week she hasn't had much involvement in Leah's storyline, they're meant to be best friends! Someone wake me up when they get a storyline or at LEAST get something to do on screen actually Im getting sick of TV week's overdramatising their 'fight'
  3. True but it wouldnt hurt to have ONE stable couple in the bay - and there are plenty of issues families can face these days It can be done if they want - if either Jon or Amy leaves you'd hope they either ride off into the sunset or recast
  4. I hate the idea that he isnt made out to be evil and that everyone is feeling sorry for him People smugglers are the lowest of the low, lower than a skakes belly - they prey on innocent people and their desperation & vulnerability I for one wont feel sorry for the scumbag - and it was his fault for getting into it in the first place
  5. IF its the latter, well we are not :cool: just waiting to see what happens thats all
  6. they are writing it that way as I think the birth would be dramatic as long as the baby is OK at the end of it!
  7. sportzgal82

    All Saints

    He is according to TV Week This week its Henk's turn to be a All Saints extra... http://au.tv.yahoo.com/all-saints/video/-/watch/13309462/
  8. sportzgal82

    All Saints

    Lol Frankie was at his crankie best Loved his interaction with the Dad and how sad was it that the son couldnt walk again Poor Claire - her life is going backwards...and its so hard for Steve as he wants to help and be there for her but he cant do anything about it Amy and Bart are cute together....they should get back together Oh and I have offically fallen in love with Adam He was so caring today even if the prisoner was giving him a hard time, he could see some of himself in there (at 15 he was a druggie but he came good thanks to Von) the last scean where he is with Von asking her about why she put up with him was fantasic and a great insight into their friendship
  9. Iron Chef America... Cant believe one of the chefs managed to cook Peking Duck in an hr - normally takes 2-3 days!!
  10. hey! i'm from adelaide too! :-) x

  11. And if he did kill him, all the viewers know how tragic the circumstances were, for Angelo as much as Jack, and that there was no malice or intent in his actions. Angelo isn't a bad person. The one thing he should be guilty about I guess is running away and leaving Jack there. He panicked I guess. there is not I guess about it - he panicked plain and simple....there were things he gotten in over his head and when that happens I defy anyone NOT to panic Also I felt there was a bit of of 'If I pretend this never happend then I would wake up and find that it didnt' with Angelo's actions by not saying anyting after the kaos of that night He is now with the Water Police and I think he's investigating Hugo myself
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