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Oliver Phillips - Oliver Davis

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Come on, guys, I can't believe since the start of the new look Character Appreciation Thread nobody has yet mentioned the star who carries the show and the reason we're all watching H&A!!!! This is the official Oliver appreciation thread. :) All kids are cute but he's incredibly cute and he acts everybody else off the screen. :) I love the way that, whatever's happening on the show, he's thoroughly enjoying every moment. :D


Where on earth did they find such a perfect little kid to play Kane and Kirsty's son? Is he related to someone on the show or was he registered with an agency or something? :unsure:

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Ollie is soo cute. He has had some really cute moments. Like when Rachel went to Irene's to check him out when he was ill, and when he ran up to Kane with that cute little smile and when he was playing with Miles and then asked for his daddy.

Does anyone know what the actor who plays him is called?

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The actor is called Oliver Davis if I remeber correctly!

Ollie is just the most adorable little kid on H&A, you just can't help but loving him. And the fact that he is KK's son makes him even cuter to me. I loved the scene when Kane visited him in hospital and how Oliver stretched out his arms to give Kane a hug and afterward when he started crying. Also his last scene with Kane was one of the best. He had the biggest grin on his face :D And Ollie the pirate was great! And how he talked about "daddy" and Kirsty told him that "daddy isn't here" and Oliver was like "he'll play later" while pointing at Kirsty with his sword.

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I have to agree with everyone. Cutest kid on HAA(actually more like on T.V) ever. He doesn't even need to say anything to make me smile. And hes a great little actor. Hes alot more convincing when hes crying then alot of actors on the show.

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