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Tony Holden - Jon Sivewright


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where do i start :P tony is just awesome , i loved his character from the very first moment he came to home and away and my opinion hasn't changed , all i would ask for from him is a better story but i guess we will see this week he is going to be a daddy again :wub: which i think is great , him and rachel really deserve to be happy

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My love of HotDad is well documented so I won't bore you with that :P .... other than to say that I can't wait for Tony to get fully into the expectant father to be role.... I think it will bring out all his best qualities and I sincerely hope that nothing happens to the baby. :unsure:

Does anyone know if Jon still presents the odd episode of Sydney Weekender? Not that I am able to watch it... I am just curious that's all. :P I would like to see him doing more work as himself and I am dying to see a full interview with him. The OS promised a report on his trip to the Northern Territory but there has been no sign of it yet. :(

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I can't wait either. He's so excited it's too cute. He seems genuinely thrilled at the thought of being a dad again. I never really liked him when he was with Beth, he was a little boring to me. But i guess it's different he's with somone younger now becasue they can do a lot more with them as a couple. And he adores Rachel which i find really sweet. He'd do anything to make her happy.

One thing i don't like about Tony, is that sometimes he's a bit of a 'sap' as my roomie called him the other night. :lol: I think he needs to be a bit more assertive. I'd love to see him get all angry for once and just lose it.

But he's such a sweet, kind, loving man you can kind of forgive him for that. He's a real gentleman and that's lovely to see! I love that he has a great relationship with his sons. It seems everyone else in Summer Bay has had some sort of drama/problem/huge fall out etc with their parents but the Holden boys get along great and thats so nice to see. I like the scenes he has his Jack.

Although he doesn't really look old enough to have a son Jack's age. :lol:

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Thats bcause he's Hotdad :rolleyes: LOL

I love Tony, hes a wonderful person, a fantastic dad and hes always looking out for people. Its so nice to have someone on a soap that doenst have too many issues! I cant wait for him to be a daddy again (if all goes to plan).

Pleeeeease can someone post a Jon pic in here?!

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Does anyone know if Jon still presents the odd episode of Sydney Weekender? Not that I am able to watch it... I am just curious that's all. :P

Karen, as far as I'm aware Jon is still listed as one of the reporters/presenter on Sydney Weekender but he hasn't done any episodes for a couple of months now. They should utilise him more often so that he can show off his talents and that we can see the differences between HotDad and Jon. :D

As for HotDad, he is a kind hearted, warm and loving man with old fashioned values. He doesn't have many true mates but he respects those around him and speaks his mind when necessary.

I enjoyed his past scenes with Geoff and Annie in his roles as a "father figure" and I do hope that in the forseeable future that there will be more of those type of scenes, whether it be with Annie and Geoff or any other character. He is very wise, patient and good with both adults and teens.

I always look forward to seeing his character on-screen no matter how large or small the scenes are - as long as he's there then I'm really happy! :D

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