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Anti Kirsty

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^She would have been classy and funny about it too. :( Isn't it ironic that Jazz supposedly comes across as the worst of Miles romantic interests when her only crime was trying to get Bartlet off Miles case anyway possible. Whereas Leah was giving him the cold shoulder for such a long time for no apparent reason and Kirsty is.... no words. There are no words. This is going to be like ripping off a bandaid slowly.

I quite like the dropping dead idea btw. Anyway to keep Ollie with Miles gets two thumbs up from me. :D

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I really don't like the way Kirsty is treating Miles at all, he deserves so much better!

On another note, don't know if it just me but I'm sure Kirsty's accent has changed since coming back into the prog? It sounds almost american at times, was wondering if the actress spent time in America whilst she was away from H & A?

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Really hating the writers' decision to bring Kirsty back. Never liked her and hate her even more now. Ever since she's been back, she's been constantly in our faces. One SL after another. Yet they can't find anything for Irene or Leah. :rolleyes:

I used to think that Leah and Miles together would be wrong, now I'm all for it. Anything to save him from Kirsty. She's just using him for free rent and food and a baby sitter whenever she feels like it. It's like she just expects Miles to drop everything to look after Ollie. I wish she would hurry up and leave. Please, please, please don't make her permanent. I'm begging them.

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