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  1. lolajaney


    Love this series. Up[to episode 3 in the Uk and loving it. Found 'Take a Bow' heartbreaking at the end of episode 3
  2. First one I've seen from Josh QT. anyone ever recieved a letter back from him?
  3. The thing is these things, calling people names, do happen when you have been sexually abused, a lot of sufferers don't want people to get too close, especially in the bedroom, so will find ways to push people away. I'm not sure Nicole was ever close enough to be totally rejected but Belle was hence why he called her a skank and not Nicole. Aden was, and still probably is slightly, scared of any form of sexual activity due to his past and the assosiactions that goes with it. When Aden and Nicole messed around the final goal of sex was never determined but with Belle it had been pre deterimined that it was going that way and he would no longer be in control so to get the control of the situation back in his corner he came out swinging, pushing her as far away as possible. I love Aden and Belle a lot, although I wasn't keen at first in them doing a sexual abuse storyline as they have done it so poorly in the past, i.e Cassie's blink and you miss it storyline. For me her going slow after finding out was a big aah for me but I think the best scene for them was a couple of weeks ago with the reconciliation where the sexual tension was buzzing especially as they seemed to be rather frantic in their affections and were breathing very heavy!!!
  4. For me, one of the most enjoyable characters when out of a relationship and with his kids, both his birth child, Nicole, and surrogate (I wasn't sure how to describe this relationship) child, Aden. He's another quite complex character, teen father and hidden secret past, and it has seemed that over the year he has been with us he has been like an onion, peeling one alarming skin after another. I know some peoople didn't enjoy the Rambo storyline but for me it showed that he would really do anything for his daughter and because of this their relationship seems to have changed permanently. Completely different role for CC and a role he seems to be doing well in, in my opinion. He normally plays the playboy roles, or did in both Headlands and All saints, but he's believable as a dad off a teen even though he is barely 30 himself. He seems best in his paternal setting and I'm hoping that the strong relationships continue with his children and hopefully he'll have some luck in love with someone who is happy to take on two troubled teens. Maybe Morag should come back and fal in love with him!!!
  5. Its a Facebook and I'm surprised that its public, although he probably wouldn't add fans. His friends on it seem to be all people he knows, Christie Hayes, Todd Lasance, Rachel Gordon etc and others who are obviously friends of his. Maybe he doesn't realise its public. I laughed when I saw that he is friends with Liz Alexander on it (at least I assume its her, her photo doesn't show) because I read on HAAC that someone said they are a couple I doubt its true. For some reason I'v had it in my head that he's gay According to wiki she is married to George Spartels.
  6. is that the first tessa and conrad? anyone had jqt yet?
  7. does anyone remember a storyline in the 90s with curtis and a girl that played two roles. her character came bk as a double after the first was killed by a train (i think) does anyone know the actress and the characters names?
  8. snoopy nightie and a pairr of hello kitty knickers
  9. at least he seems to reply. so many don't.
  10. i've just remembered why i don't eat chicken, my meal was dull dull dull chicken burgers (organic), mixed veg and potatoes
  11. could some one telll me who starred as pia corelli. she has an avatar and looks familiar... all saints possibly.... maybe the bikers episode in season 5 yep it was her.. Bianca Biasi
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