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  1. Dexter is brilliant, he grows on me even more all the time. I think I identify with him more than anyone else on the show at the moment. Even more than the female characters. I think the show has definatley been missing someone like him.
  2. If any UK ppl are interested - BBC2 are showing All Saints again in the afternoons, woohoo!! Josh Quong Tart is in it atm again !!! Thats where i first fell in love with him when it use to be on <3 before he was on H&A. His hair is shorter and white blonde, cuuute his character Matt Horner is so cute. Oh yeah and Conrad Coleby (Roman) is in it.. oh and 'Reverand Hall', and Ben Tari who was a H&A guest and who helped Belle with the development site stuff.
  3. Aden-5 Alf-5 Annie-5 Charlie-6 Colleen-5 Dexter-5 Geoff-7 Harry-7 Indigo-5 Irene-5 Jai-5 Leah-7 Liam-6 Martha-3 Miles-7 Morag-7 Nicole-7 Ollie-3 Ross-5 Sid-5
  4. Not sure exactly, i just tried to find out, but i think it was the 2nd half of 2006 sometime :\. It was a bit after i started watching H&A , i thought WOW people are in and out of hospital every week! I thought exciting dramatic things happen every week not just every few months like on other soaps, awesome!
  5. hahahah what a good interview, i love it when people are so natural and laugh haaha, thanks so much for posting it
  6. I saw the ep from today on Fiver from ages ago when Colleen found out she was a Stewart, and Miles looked different... his eyebrow bar!! I only realised today that he hasn't had it in recently/for ages! When did he stop wearing it!? I didn't even notice, how bad of a fan am i! I can't believe i never noticed until now. I don't know how i didn't notice coz i just stare at him when hes on <3
  7. I had a dream about him last night i miss Roman! I still don't think the character had run its course.
  8. ooh thanks for the link I'd like to see Joey live with Aden somewhere.
  9. You don't need to send a SAE, the studio provide them with perpaid envelopes to reply to fanmail so you should get fancards from whoever you wrote to no problems. Has anyone written to Josh Quong Tart or Conrad Coleby and got a reply? I wrote to Josh in August, no reply as of yet i've never heard of anyone getting a reply from him, seems he may just not. You can understand it, he must get loads, would take up so much time. I just hope he got my letter and read it anyway.
  10. I liked her right from the start, she seems so genuine and lovely and strong. Some people have said it seems weird that she keeps trying to make a move on loadsa girls after what's happened to her but not really because like she said Charlie makes her happy, and forget for a change. A distraction from what happened. My mum was just watching H&A with me and she hasn't watched it much lately and said 'who is she' !! it was the episode with Joey and Charlie on the boat having a picnic where they dance and she grabs her hands. My mum said 'she looks old enough to be her mother' hardly... yes Joey does look younger but not thattt much younger. Do we know how old Joey is suppose to be? I guessed about 20, but Kate is about 25 isn't she? and Esther 29? She does seem a more similar age to Ruby though, but they don't seem to interact much together. Oh ye is there a thread with the FHM scans anywhere? thanks
  11. Wow! What luck to bump into him! That's great.
  12. Happy Birthday Kate! i hope her birthday wish comes true when she blows out the candles on her cake! ! i hope she is having a lovely day! x
  13. ok thanks guys! i sent off my letter to Josh QT today ! twas A6 size and only cost 56p i hope he likes my letter and i get a reply, thats if it even gets there haha!
  14. ok thanks. For the self addressed envelope i'm gonna include inside though for him to put a fancard in and send back to me, i'll have to put a stamp on that too but how will i know how much that will cost, it will just be the same wont it? what if it's different being sent from aus? :S
  15. i'd like to write to him, i think i will, i dunno though coz i wouldn't know what to say, i'd feel an idiot lol Write whatever pops into your head when you site down and start your letter, that's what i did. pfffft no chance! i started on a draft last night! i don't want to sound an idiot ! i will end up doing though probably! i will have put far too much thought into it haha! For the SAE, how big does it have to be to fit a fancard in? i bought some envelopes today, i think they will be ok, they are like half of A5 size so.. erm A6 (it says C6 on them). Also how will i know what value stamp to put on the SAE? just ask at the postoffice?
  16. i'd like to write to him, i think i will, i dunno though coz i wouldn't know what to say, i'd feel an idiot lol
  17. Yes. She saw him on the beach, after seeing him in the Surf Club, and kind of went up to him...and kissed him . It was an odd scene! I remember now... she kind of just threw herself on to him and she had only met him 5 minutes ago or something! Martha's an odd girl at times... she can throw herself at almost random strangers at the drop of a hat yet she is unable to tell Jack how she feels and it's been like 3 years!! Didn't she kiss Henk after she saw Jack and Sam having a picnic on the beach? I just thought she acted like that because she was sad or jealous. She wasn't thinking clearly when she kissed him. return? Episode 4572 ooooooooohhhee!! thats tues 18th mar!! wooo sooon soon soon! thanks
  18. grinch-girl

    All Saints

    it should be season 6 that they show
  19. grinch-girl

    All Saints

    YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! ALL SAINTS IS BACK!!!!!! 11th Feb 08. bbc1 2.15pm weekdays!! wooohoo! so excited. It replaces Neighbours' afternoon slot.
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