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Anti Kirsty

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I despise her.She'll only hurt Miles when Kane eventually somehow gets out of jail early.She's all flirty and my poor Miles doesn't know what to do with himself.

She should be besties with Rachel.They both hurt men i love.

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yes i agree. i've never liked Kirsty, she always annoyed me. I hated Kane too, and obviously the combo. How can she love him, she should hate him for raping her sister! "my only love sprung from my only hate" lol love that quote from Romeo & Juliet, its very appropriate for this especially.

I was actually really excited at the thought of them returning though, it sounded really good with them dropping off Ollie etc and not seeing them for a while, and all the secrets but as soon as they showed up after like 5 seconds they annoyed me again, especially Kirsty. I've never understood why everyone loves them so much.

Miles is my fav character so you can imagine how delighted i was when i read about him and Kirsty ¬_¬ ¬_¬ ¬_¬ ¬_¬.

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I was never a KK fan. I never got over that she thought it was ok that he raped her sister.

I found kirsty back then very selfish so i was very anti-kirsty and KK.

But i found their stroy interesting so i didnt mind watching. When i heard they were coming back i thought it would be interesting.

But now when i see her with miles and oliver, i am really liking her. I really like Kirsty and miles.

However, if kane does come bck she will sooo leave miles for kane. :(

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i can't bare it. in H&A oz time, she's living in SBH ye? i hope she doesn't carry on living there ¬_¬ this is gonna be so lame. I hope Miles breaks up with her and she can't bare to live there anymore. but where could she go? she wouldn't be able to afford places, apart from a caravan... thats too close to Miles for my liking, better than her being under the same roof as him though! I'd rather see her move in with Irene, but there is no space, hmm Belle could move out and go live with Leah, i love their scenes. Doubt this will happen though.

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