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  1. Beautiful beautiful icons! I haven't logged in for over a year and I'm greeted with your amazing icons still!
  2. Ahhhh. These two are incredible. The cropping and colouring is to die for!
  3. Why has this thread not been posted in for months? This is a crime! I mean what isn't there to love about Geoff or Lincoln Apart from him breaking up with Nicole. And the sex tape
  4. Oh oh. You would wouldn't you! Well, hands off.... he's.... he's mine
  5. These one is gorgeous! Gah! The colouring is gorgeous! Why don't I just quote the wholeeee post
  6. Gah! This one is stunning (apart from the character)
  7. Ah. I'm loving those Jo Bros ones. Gorgeous colouring
  8. Wow! I love these so so much. The colouring is to die for!
  9. God, did they ever. I mean, they just left. I was a little puzzled myself.
  10. You're still using the bluey colouring! Yey! I love them
  11. Oh! I love the Geoff ones so so much!! Lovely colouring as usual!!!
  12. I'm back!! Just spent so long going through this whole thread with all your artwork! Are you using photoshop now?? Amazing amazing amazing! I love your colouring
  13. This post is gorgeous! <3 The colouring is yummy!
  14. Excellent work. As always I love your stuff!
  15. Geoffy! I love the colouring, I actaully love the green tinge on his hair. I never like it if that happens on my icons.
  16. More! Yeyy! I love all of them! I cannot pick a favourite because they are all so amazing!!
  17. Wow! Another great update. And you are still using picnik! Wow. How good would you be, if you were using PS. I love to think. *daydreams*
  18. You made a post. I didn't realise. I feel bad Well, I am here now. I really like them, very bright, maybe a bit too blue though. Apart from that I love them!
  19. The Miles/Sally ones are amazing!!
  20. I love this one!! Great colouring and cropping!
  21. Thankyou muchly! I was litterally dying not knowing the answer.
  22. Wow. This one is so good! Amazing.
  23. Hey. Why was kirsty in hospital for a long time and she had that operation?
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