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Anti Kirsty

Guest ~Lynd~

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Right on sister. You basically picked every single reason why I hate Kirsty.

One minute she's all up Ric for kissing her because she's married to Kane and still in love with him and then two weeks later she's ready to move on. I don't like how she's taking advantage of Miles; she's leeching off him.

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I was starting to sort of like her.

But today i realise why i never liked her.

She is so going to break Miles heart. I can't believe i liked them together before.

Grinch-girl you reminded me why i hated her - thank you

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i dunno.. have you ever watched Jeremy Kyle? lol theres people who go on that who have such problems in their family and other weird things which you just think why do they need to ask Jeremy Kyle, the thing you must do is obvious - not be cheating etc or be marrying your sisters rapist.. :P

but yes, any SANE girl would not!

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Yay I like this thread...

Never really liked her the first time round now i like her even less, she just seems so fake I dont think she's really into miles as she makes out and miles dont deserve to get hurt(think him and Leah would be a better match)!

and as someone else has said Ollie is her son she needs to take some responsibilty for her own actions and who in their right mind would leave there child when they were ill in the first place I'm damn sure I couldn't! Ollie would have been better off with Irene!

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