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Your dream job

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Hmm... if money and lack of talent was no issue I'd probably do something to do with writing, but yeah, like I said, lack of talent gets in the way of that.

Really I'd just like to be a Photographer. It's what I enjoy the most along with art that I'm actually good at.

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Well, I spent 5 years studying languages to become a translator and that's what I want to be. :D

When I was little, I wanted to be a primary school teacher but I changed my mind since then. I also wanted to be other things like a ballerina. But I'll stick to translation. :)

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I'm kinda torn here... I have like one and a half dream :P

My half-dream would be to be a news/current affairs or politcs reporter/journalist, possibly use this for some sort of anchorwoman job or something, I don't know. I'm not planning on going after that though, I'm going for the other more-than-half dream. After High school I want to take one year in the US (if I get a scholarship) and study some subjects I want, but not really need that much, like acting, American politics, journalism and possibly LGBT studies. I want to do these subjects because I find them pretty interesting, and I feel like they could be useful (even if they're not necessary) for the carreer I want afterwards. Then I want to take a two year study of TV and film production (majoring in directing and screenwriting) in Norway and then add two more years and complete the whole TV and film education with a Bachelor's degree (Bachelor of arts w/ major in video and film production) in either Australia or the UK.

It will cost some money of course, but it is affordable, possibly minus the year in the US if I don't get a scholarship :P

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wow, that sounds amazing.

I wanted to do a year in the US between school and uni, but my mate reminded me how homesick i get. and when the chance came up at uni, i was in counselling so my tutor pretty much vetoed my application.

So i'll stick to the scriptwriting and get my year in america that way.

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