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No idea :P But I think it's about a group of kids who live in California, with a boistrous female Vicar and they all work in a shop with sex-mad co-workers :lol: I've always though of crossing them over, but with no ideas of how - that was an on the spot response.

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^ I'll get onto it right away - you really like it?


I've come up with the basic(and crappy) concept...

The basic concept is that 3 orphans – Billy, Gina and Troy Gregory, go to live with their aunt, The Reverend Alison Gill, who lives in an odd town on the outskirts of California, Billy and Gina, desperate for money, get jobs at an aging Department Store called Sons of the Desert, run by the elderly James Lucas, they soon realise that the staff on Ladies and Gents apparel (feat. Footwear) are all on horrible terms and almost all sex mad. The staff includes crabby Mindy Amide, head of Ladies Apparel and Footwear, and her busty junior Amity Reyne – a Southerner, the snooty head of men’s wear, Drum Sawyer and his junior Shannon West – who doesn’t know which way he’s going. Meanwhile, the youngest Gregory brother, Troy must try and fit in with the odd-balls his aunt encounters every day, including dumb-as-post Larissa Tucker, closeted Fred Yellow, up-himself town council president Collin Scott and his thicker-than-post son Raymond – romance, repetitive insults and countless humorous incidents bring this series to life (god, I’d be bad at this :lol:)

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certainly sounds interesting. I had an idea for an english style of Dawsons Creek. A 15year old girl manages to get a scholarship to a posh boarding and day school, with help from one of the teachers who is dating her dad.

She starts her first day and encounters the school biatch who looks down on scholarship students because they're not rich. She also runs into a bloke who's a bit of a bad boy, who she's sort of attracted to.

After struggling through the first day, her dad tells her that his girlfriend is gonna move in with them as she's had to sell her house as her ex husband has stopped paying childsupport for her son.

When the teacher arrives at the house the daughter opens up the door to see teh son is the bloke from school.

The story basically follows the family, mainly at school as the girl copes with the biatchs and the fact that she's trying to keep hidden that her dad is dating her teacher and no-one knows that the bloke is the son of the teacher (they have different surnames and look different).

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My dream is to write my own TV show.

That's pretty much the essence of my dream too, I've been working on one idea that I started developing into the TV direction when I was 14 (it has changed a lot since then, obviously), but I haven't written it as a script yet. I also worked on another idea, more of a sitcom kind of thing that I wrote the script for the first four episodes for, but I kinda gave it up, it just wasn't original enough :P

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