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I want 2 or 3 kids. I haven't picked names yet. Maybe Alexandra for a girl; I've always liked the name. It also depends on whether my future husband speaks Dutch or French. Alexandra works in both languages. :)

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Here's the first three scenes, which should give you an idea of the direction of the show's long-term arc. I figure the dialogue will be better after the ten years I'm bound to spend working on it before I'm in a position to pitch it.


Pilot: Part 1: Usogumbian Invasion Earth: 2530

Part 2: Battle of Mars

Written by Toby Clark

Dramatis Personae


• Captain Zachary Whelan

• Commander Steven Mercer

• Governor Christopher “Chris” Burton

• Lieutenant Commander Cheryl Jane Osborne

• Lieutenant Commander Sebastian ‘Seb’ Joyce

• Lieutenant Commander Louisa Bryant

Also Starring:

• Lieutenant Pauline “Paula” Buchanan

• Lieutenant Elizabeth “Liz” Kerr

• Lieutenant Tyrone Snow

• Lieutenant Thaddeus “Tad” Patterson

• Lieutenant Junior Grade Isla Denton

• Lieutenant Junior Grade Jeanette Wilkinson

• Lieutenant Junior Grade Valentin “Val” Porter

• Lieutenant Junior Grade Amanda Ratcliffe

• Lieutenant Junior Grade Crystal Patton

• Chief Petty Officer Marcus “Marc” Casey

Guest Star:

• Lieutenant Katharine “Kate” Fullerton

• Lieutenant Shannon “Shane” Hanson

• Lieutenant Joel Christian

• Lieutenant Chloe Madison

• Juan Picaro

• Pedro Catterro

• Admiral Morgan Christiansen

Fade in.


The room is completely dark. A doorbell is heard.

WHELAN: Come in.

An automatic door opens, and the light from the corridor floods the room. As this happens, the words “November 15th, 2530, 22:00” appear and then disappear from the screen. STEVEN MERCER stands in the doorway. Cut to shot of ZACHARY WHELAN being woken up by STEVEN’S appearance.

WHELAN: What’s the situation, Commander?

STEVEN: I have orders that were just transmitted. They’re for your eyes only, so I don’t think they can be relevant to the Charon training mission. Are we being recalled for some reason, maybe?

WHELAN gets out of bed and pulls on a dressing gown from a bedside hook. He then walks over to his computer terminal at the side of the room and turns on a light. STEVEN hands WHELAN a USB Memory Stick.

WHELAN: I’ll tell you what I can before the morning conference. Goodnight Steven.

STEVEN: Goodnight Captain.

STEVEN exits. Whelan turns on his computer and inserts the stick into the hard drive. He then opens the video file on Media Player. The image of Fleet Admiral MORGAN CHRISTIANSEN appears on the screen.

CHRISTIANSEN: Good morning Captain Whelan. Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

WHELAN groans.

WHELAN: That’s a new one.

Roll Credits


WHELAN, STEVEN, SEB JOYCE, CHERYL JANE OSBOURNE, LOUISA BRYANT and MARC CASEY are seated around the conference room table.

WHELAN: First order of business, I must announce that, as a result of our losses in our raid on the Upsilon Gamma Nine base, Commander Mercer has promoted Lieutenant Joyce to Lieutenant Commander and he is now our permanent helm/tactical officer. Secondly, we have a new situation on Earth: General Reynaldo Bolichet of Usogumbia is about to put into action a plot to increase his hold over the South American continent.

STEVEN inserts the Stick into the holographic projector in the middle of the table. A globe of Earth is projected with South America highlighted in red. STEVEN presses a button, and details of the planned attack and counter-attack are displayed on the ceiling.

WHELAN: The NSA intercepted coded messages between Reynaldo Bolichet and several identified terrorist cells across South and Central America. It appears that Bolichet intends to use the same method that that the original Usogumbians did to come to power. This afternoon, Brazil time, General Bolichet will initiate several simultaneous coups in SAA territory, and take as many cities as possible before we can fight back.

SEB: What’s the TCF's counter-plan?

STEVEN presses another button on the projector. The globe appears again, this time with a fleet of TERRAN COLLONIAL STARFIGHTER CARRIERS surrounding it.

WHELAN: A small fleet of carriers will blockade the continent from orbit and deliver a standard ultimatum: call off the attack or we open fire. In the time we give them to think it over, a squad of UN marines will enter the city and penetrate Bolichet’s palace. If he doesn’t capitulate, he will be taken into custody.

LOUISA: And if he does?

WHELAN: We issue a second ultimatum: hand over information on the cells under his command, so that we can prevent further coups. This one he is less likely to agree to, which means that there’s at least a seventy percent chance this will end with him in custody.

CHERYL: Even if it doesn't, this will seriously cripple Bolichet’s power.

WHELAN: Exactly, which is why we are not going to botch this. Commander, I’m keeping you in the cockpit to launch ships and coordinate squadron tactics. Lieutenant Commander Bryant, you’ll be in command of the first fighter group, presuming we have to send one out. Commanders Joyce and Osborne, I want you in the cockpit, unless we have to send a second group. I want to let Lieutenant Patton take the helm where possible, although, Commander Joyce, you may relieve her at any time at your discretion. Mercer, make sure the new pilots aren’t sent out until after the second group.

STEVEN: I’ve been here for four years, Captain, I know the first week exemption rule.

WHELAN: Good point, that was gratuitous exposition. Alright, let’s get to work. Joyce, set course for Earth. Mercer, give the new arrivals the guided tour, then brief the pilots. Osborne, bring Patton to the bridge. Bryant, once we’re approaching Earth, get your group to their fighters: Patterson, Kerr, Snow, and Buchanan. Casey, make sure the fighters check out, then go and open up the lounge for the new guys.

The 6 of them stand up and begin to file out.


STEVEN enters with a group of young pilots: VALENTIN PORTER, ISLA DENTON, AMANDA RATCLIFFE and JEANETTE WILKINSON. The four of them find their seats and sit down. STEVEN walks over to an intercom.

STEVEN: And this of course is the squadron briefing room.

STEVEN switches on the intercom.

STEVEN: Liberty three, five, six, and eight, please report to the briefing room.

STEVEN switches on the holographic projector in front of his lectern, and then inserts the USB memory stick. After pressing a few buttons, the globe displaying South America and the carriers’ positions is displayed. STEVEN presses a second button, displaying the squadron roster for the mission on the back wall.

Four more pilots enter: TAD PATTERSON, PAULA BUCHANAN, TYRONE SNOW and LIZ KERR. Each takes their seat, one by one. LOUISA waits outside the door as it closes. STEVEN stands at the lectern and clears his throat.

STEVEN: Good morning squadron. First order of business, I must introduce you to our replacements for the officers who lost their lives in our raid on Upsilon Gamma Nine: Lieutenant Valentin Porter, Lieutenant Amanda Ratcliffe, Lieutenant Jeanette Wilkinson and Lieutenant Isla Denton. Second order of business, this afternoon we will most likely be flying into battle. Our goal is to prevent Usogumbian dictator General Reynaldo Bolichet from enacting his plans to expand the Dominion. Remember, Bolichet is charismatic and rewarding to his own soldiers, which means that he inspires extreme loyalty, which is why we must destroy any ship that tries to take off from the area: defection is not a likely possibility. Liberty nine through twelve, you will be assigned to the second wing, and will hopefully not be sent out today. I’m giving you all six hours free time before you have to get to your ships, but no more than two beers per pilot. Is that understood?

SQUADRON: Sir, yes, sir!

STEVEN: Dismissed!

The junior pilots stand up and exit, followed by the intermediate ones. STEVEN exits last, turning off the light as he goes.

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I'm having problems with my dream job, i've got a script i wrote when i was 17 and i'm rewriting it, keepign the basics fo the story the same. I've got act 1 all worked out, but not act 2 or 3.

I have another script where all three acts are worked out but i don't want to start it until this one is finished.

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I know exactly what I want to do, there are a lot of wishes within my heart. I'll never let them go, they can not ever leave my heart.

I'm a writer though since that's what I've been doing since the age of six. I just don't quite have anything published other than online. My dream is to be a serious writer, meaning having real actual books out there for people to read and relate to. What a dream come true that would be. Writing is my biggest passion, next to singing, that is. I love to sing, I always wanted to be a singer, and a part of me still wants that, but I really also feel that what I feel I am to do is write, I'm a writer - That's the first thing I think of in the morning, so that's it. I would really find it so much fun to be an actress, as well, that would be so great, I'd love that so much. Oh, if I could decide I would do it all, sing, act, write.

It would also be fun to work with different languages, I can see myself doing that. The list goes on, I am just such a great dreamer, but dreaming is healthy for you so I shall continue. :)

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If money was not an issue: TEACHER! I love kids! And i think it would be awesome. But the sad reality is that teachers in Australia get nowhere near enough credit pay wise. They get next to nothing....well no, they get the average wage..

In reality: which is where i am (sadly) i'm going to be an authodontist! I LOVE SMILES- I wanna make then perfect!

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