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Your dream job

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A successful author.

*sigh* Me and the rest of the world :(

Seems a lot of us would like to be authors! :P If I had the money not to work I would definitely concentrate on writing, I've wanted to write since I was five years old. :) I also wanted to be an infant school teacher tho I never did anything about it. :(

I think I'd like to combine the two and be a child psychologist, it would be fantastic to help kids. :)

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Sounds so cliche but fashion photographer. Although I prefer make-up photography. All those bright colours :D And I love doing the arrangements for them.

Anyway, if that doesn't work out I want to set up an eco friendly diving and watersports centre in India or Thailand or somewhere. My boyfriend and I have been talking about it for a couple of years, got it all planned out! :D

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