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Is anyone actually watching season 2? The catfight was hilairous this week, I love this show!

RE the "Nanessa" post above, Vanessa's cool but it's all about Nate and Little J :wub:

Although Chuck and Blair are my main ship!

Cant wait for CB next week :wub:

NJ - isnt J surpose to be V's friends? Why would she do that. I will wait and see before i judge NJ.

but I still love NV :wub:

The catfight was really funny but I think that B and S are better off not friends.

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Just watched the new episode :)

I loved the Blair/Serena catfight, but I'm glad their friends again. Bitchy Serena was interesting at first but it was getting kind of annoying :rolleyes:

Chuck also annoyed me this ep, but I love the new Nate/Dan friendship :wub:

ARGH and Jenny just annoys me <_< For no real reason she just does :P

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Ah. Nice ep! :D J's new look is great... and I ship N and J anyway so yays on that note... anyone seen the spoilers about

A GG death

? I wish I hadn't looked to see who


because it was too obvious and it ruined my hope that it was V... I really don't like her. :P

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