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I thought i might be to old for this type of show but i've just finished watching s2 on dvd and i'm obsessed!

I love CHAIR both together and as separate characters.I didn't think i'd like Chuck but he's much deeper then he lets on...and Ed's british accent is sex lol.I know it's not on the show but yum,it makes me go to mush!

I'm not to sure about Vanessa.I can't decide if i like her or not.

I love the humphrey's,all of them...Rufus is sexy as for an older guy.

I can't decide who i dislike more Nate or Serena.Nate has no personality and Serena is a little princess who blames all her stuff ups on other people and never takes any responsibility for anything.

Derota deserves her own show.She's awesome!

I love that Eric is openly gay and nobody cares.It sets a good example.

Ok i'm done blubbering.I think i've mentioned everyone lol.

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I loved Season 1 & 2, and parts of Season 3.

However I think that this Season just hasn't been as good as the others. I'm actually disappointed.

IMO, as much as I love *Chair* I feel that Gossip Girl have made Chuck's character seem some-what .... Boring :ph34r: And he is my favourite Character on the show!

I also think that Jenny has completely changed and she just doesn't seem like the real Jenny :unsure:

Also, as much as I love Hilary Duff.... I don't think GG should have brought her into the show. But that's just my opinion.

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Gossip Girl was good last night. Poor Blair I felt sorry for her. I can't believe that Dan and Vanessa are so sucked in by Georgina. Serena was such a b**** for what she did to Chuck. Even Carter wasnt happy with what she did and if Blair found out what she did I don't think she'd be too happy with her either. Next week looks good Hilary Duff will be in it yay I can't wait.

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I've just bought series 1 on DVD and I am obsessed! :lol: Been sitting in bed pretty much all day watching. I'm up to the episode where Nate finds out about Chuck and Blair sleeping together. I really want the second series on DVD now. I love Blair and Chuck, Serena and Dan and Rufus and Lily :wub: Nate's pretty hot but he's just soo boring!

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Derota deserves her own show.She's awesome!

Yes totally!!

I love Derota as well, and I think her relationship with Blair is fantastic!! They are such a comedy act and I love how she calls her "miss Blair" and how Blair just orders her around everywhere :lol:

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Anyone still watching ?

I'm loving it right now, I don't agree with Dan & Vanessa together I can just see their relationship being totally ruined :angry: they should have just stayed as best friends really, I hate when shows ruin good friendships in favour of relationships that last all of 5 minutes and the friendship is left destroyed <_<

I have always been a fan of Serena but in the latest episode I am NOT impressed, AT ALL!! She will stop at nothing to get her parents back together, so much that shes even trying to break up Rufus & Lily, I can't believe this side were seeing to Serena's character..

Also how long will we have to wait for Chuck&Blair to just get back together because its starting to annoy me, although I guess its not all in our faces every 5 minutes.

So excited for the finale, only 2 more eps left!! :(

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