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American pace, just caught up on epies

Blair gives me the sh*ts. I just don't like her. Period. She's good for comic value sometimes and I like her with Chuck and Serena but when she's focused on her own 'world revolves around me' rubbish- bleurgh. And her and Nate AGAIN. Urgh. Talk about the most insufferable couple. I was just really beginning to like Nate too with Vanessa. They'd been my favourite relationship of late and it made me like Vanessa a whole lot. She's become a favourite of mine, and I love Vanessa and Chuck

:wub: for however long it lasts. Thankgod Rachel is gone, I can go back to loving Dan. Love Jenny's hair and Rufus and Lily :wub: Three week hiatus. :(

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I watch it in England. Not in America. I don't know if that requires spoilerish blackness or not...

Anyway. Tis brilliant. Nate is the prettiest boy I've seen. Shame he has no personality.

Dan's a bit too much of a goody two shoes. I love him when he's with Serena but.. otherwise... what's the point?

I love Blair until she's a spoilt brat. I like it when she uses her evil for good. :P Oh, and the Chuck/Blair love that was going on when Chuck's dad died - brilliant!

Speaking of spoilt brats - how annoying can Jenny be? I love her when she's normal, but when she gets so childish. Bleurgh.

Lily and Rufus were sweet. Now Lily's a bit of a cow and well... I can't complain about Rufus. Much. Only when he's mooning over Lily. :P

Vanessa was brilliant... until she hid the letter. Then she became as bad as the rest.

No complaints about Eric or Derota. Best characters on the show. :P

With all that said - I do honestly love Gossip Girl. I promise.

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Warning Potential Spoiler:

Blair is just testing Chuck because she's still very insecure about their relationship. You have to remember that Chuck Bass is a total Womanizer so now she wants to know if he swings both ways. :rolleyes: It's just trust issues and Blair setting Chuck up. The gay kiss is irrelevant it's the fact that B is still very insecure and that's whats going to cause a few problems.

I think the writers wanted to throw in the gay kiss because in the book Chuck's character was bisexual. :rolleyes:

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