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Watched 1:14 a little while ago.

I only just realised how much I missed Chuckie.

Towards the middle of this episode I realised how much I liked Serena and then she went and got Chuck kicked out its good that Erik reacted to her that way.

I was having withdrawal symptoms so it's probably a good thing that new episodes are on.

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I missed Chuckles too :wub: And last night, well i just loved him all so much.

Im actually glad he is living in his suite than the family house, because then we know him and Blair can have some private time there

:P even though thats probs not going to happen :P Loved how Eric pulled away from Serena when Chuck moved out. Serena was a pain in the butt yesterday. Always blaming Chuck. Gosh! Jenny is such a brat. Urgh! And i really dont like Nate so its all good. Hopefully i'll like him when him and Vanessa hook up :wub: As for Blair, well i love that girl, but she is so naive to think that those girls would be her friend :rolleyes:

Oh well, cant wait till next week. I felt the urge to see the next episode as soon as 1x14 finsihed. Kah! i cant wait a week -hmph-

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Just watched ep 14:

Can I just say I love Dan

:wub: He's just *sigh* And Chuck :wub: I felt sorry for him actually, everyone always thinks the worst of him, especially his dad <_< Felt sorry for Blair as well, when Jenny came and took her spot at the table, God I hate that girl :angry: She's what just turned 15 ? She should get some friends her own age :rolleyes:

Anyway can't wait for the new episde

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I watched the new episode yesterday.

I’ve got an idea of what Geogie’s holding over Serena I can’t wait for it to be revealed should be fun. That is probably what leads Dan to ‘Sarah’. That was so convinng but it was coming and it was great nothing like a fake identity to spice things up.

It was a pretty quiet episode in terms of any action but it was till good and build up to the next episode.

Chuckles you will never be good that was expected of him but I’m surprised Dan didn’t do more to get the truth out of Serena.

I liked the Vanessa/Nate friendship and when he surprised her by taking her to the SATs was so cute.

These were my favourite quotes.

DAN: I’m a choker I choke

RUFUS: You used to cry if I didn’t walk you to school

JENNY: That wasn’t me that was Dan

DAN: Oh Chuck I had no idea you felt that way about me

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Argh Serena what have you done?

The promo was good what interested me was that Natie and Chuckles were in the same room before Blair came to them for help umm.

Back to the episode.

That was a shock as I wasn't expecting her to have done that. Question is who did she kill?

I knew it was Eric who was gay but what I do want to see is the Chuck/Eric scenes in the aftermath of this.

Georgina is a piece of work but such good tv to watch. Or should I say Sarah.

I want to see more of the Vanessa/Nate relationship.

Next week is going to be a fab and now I understood what they meant when they said they had to fit everything into fewer episodes which means it better for us because we have more action.

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