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Why does everyone like B and C together? I don't get it. I just don't get C. He tried to rape J, and I haven't actually forgiven him. I am a J fan though, so :P I just think he's a sleeze.

I think they were trying to over-sleeze him in the pilot, he's not as bad now.

I don't like Rufus and Lily together

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I was advised to watch this show. I did. And I'm addicted. :ph34r: Seriously. I started watching it last week, and I'm now almost finished Season 2. I keep saying "Okay, it's late, I have to go to sleep" and then I watch another two episodes. :P

I think my favorite character would have to be Georgina. Yes, she's evil, but the best villain EVER. She's even better than Chuck! :D

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Ohh I can't wait for the next episode. Today's just left so much hanging!

Nate and Blair, Chuck and Vanessa, Dan and Scott. Eeek!

I even sort of liked Jenny. I'm not sure I'm really going to enjoy all the stuff with

Lily and Rufus' son

but I'll wait and see.

God I love this show :D

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^^ Yes! I always think that. I think Lily and Rufus are the Sandy and Kirsten of Gossip girl,

they make such a cute couple


I wonder if that was intentional because Sandy and Kirsten were much loved and they are produced by the same people!

It probably was on some levels! They look similar, and its the whole ''Im the poor guy but I got the richest beautiful girl in the end'' kind of thing. Its funny because Lily & Rufus are my fav couple on GG & Sandy and Kirsten were my fav on The OC. :D

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American, I just can't help myself! :P

I've just realised recently that I really don't like Vanessa. And actually Serena and Dan can be a bit annoyingly self-righteous sometimes. My favourites are definately Blair and Chuck but I have to say I'm not overly bothered about them being a couple, I just think they're both great and interesting characters in their own right.

And Georgina Sparks, aka pure evil :lol:

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