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It's Gonna Be Love

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Thought that was an update then <_<

I settled myself down and got snug with my laptop, ready to read your chapter, and all I get is one line saying there isnt a chapter :rolleyes: lol

Looking forward to reading more Kacie, (dont forget about the other two aswell :P)

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Thought that was an update then <_<

I settled myself down and got snug with my laptop, ready to read your chapter, and all I get is one line saying there isnt a chapter :rolleyes: lol

Looking forward to reading more Kacie, (dont forget about the other two aswell :P)


sorry. I havne't forgotten there should be one up today or tomorrow and then update should come regularly again

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:o an update


“Excuse me,” Sally said looking from Brad to Jenny.

“Sally I didn’t know –.” Brad began but Sally cut him off.

“You,” she said rounding on him, “I don’t even want to look at you at the moment!”

“But Sal, you have to understand I didn’t know…”

“And you have to know that I’m not going to understand right now. We can talk about this later. But you,” Sally turned to Jenny, whom Corey was hiding behind, “You get out!”

With all this yelling Pippa had started to cry.

“Shh,” Brad said trying to soothe her but Sally took her off him. Pippa gratefully held her arms out for her mother.

“I’m going to put Pippa down, I want you,” she pointed to Jenny, “gone. I want you out. And then, Brad we’ll talk.”

“Fine,” Jenny said, taking her sons hand, “But I’ll be back tomorrow with Corey’s things.”

Before Brad or Sally could protest Jenny had marched out the door, dragging Corey with her.


“Hey mate,” Ric said walking into the Hunter/Holden house and greeting Lucas. Lucas looked up from bowl and nodded a hello.

“You haven’t seen Mattie have you?” Ric asked.

“Um, she said something about going away for a few days with a friend. I thought she meant you,” Lucas said, looking concerned.

Ric shook his head.

“No. I haven’t seen her since yesterday morning. We were supposed to meet at the diner 2 hours ago but she never showed. Did she mention anything to your dad about where she might have gone,” Ric said, looking worried.

“No dad’s gone into the city for a few days. So you didn’t know about this?” Lucas asked, his face imitating Ric’s.

Ric shook his head again.

“I was worried she might do something like this, she’s been acting differently since Kit

left,” Ric said.

“Have you tried her mobile?” Lucas asked.

“Yep about 5 times but I think it must be dead. Either that or its turned off.”

Ric grabbed his keys which he had dumped on the table and headed for the table.

“Wait where are you going?” Lucas asked, getting up form his chair.

“Where do you think, I’m going to look for her,” Ric said opening the door.

“Mate, it’s dark and you don’t know where she is. I think it would be better to wait until morning,” Lucas protested.

“Luc, she’s my girlfriend. You can’t just expect me to sit around here until she comes home, if she comes home,” Ric said, his voice raising.

“Fine,” Luca said, “But I’m coming. Do you have any idea who she might have gone with?”

Ric hesitated, thinking hard but only one name came to his mind.



Sally came down the stairs. She put her hand to her head as she entered the kitchen to

find Brad sitting at the table. He looked up at her as she entered and gestured for her to take a seat beside him. Sally did so, sighing as though she had the weight of the world on her shoulders.

“Sally,” brad said, taking a deep breath.

“It’s ok,” Sally interrupted, “I know that you didn’t know.”

“But I’m still sorry, for everything.”

Sally shook her head.

“Don’t be sorry, this is as much a shock for me as it is for you. What we really need to talk about is what we are going to do,” sally said, looking down.

“About what?” Brad asked, looking confused.

“Corey, Jenny seems pretty set on the idea that she’s going to leave him with us.”

“She can’t just dump him on us,” Brad said, taking Sally’s hand under the table and squeezing it reassuringly, “I don’t even know the kid.”

“I think we should tell her no. We don’t even know if it is your child…”

Brad nodded.


“Ric slow down!” Lucas said as they sped along a deserted road, “Do you even know where we are going?”

“Nope,” Ric said, leaning forward in his seat.

At that moment Ric’s phone began ringing. Ric picked it up without slowing down.

“Hello, yes this is Ric Dalby,” he said, into the phone. All of a sudden Ric skidded the car to a holt.

“Ric!” Lucas said, as he was thrown forward in his seat violently, “What are you doing mate?”

Ric turned to face his friend, his face a pasty white colour.

“Ric…what’s wrong?”

“It’s Mattie,” he whispered, clearly still in shock, “She’s been in a car accident.”


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OMG such a long wait and no JM *shakes head in sadness* Kacie you have let me down :P

But great chapt. Poor Mattie, i hope she's alright. Good on Sal for telling Jenny where to go. Poor Brad :( Im glad Sally is not angry at him

More please

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