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  2. LOVE #1 and #6! The colouring is simply gorgeous! Keep it up! xo
  3. O.M.G! He's sooo freaking hot. They are amazing banners jen!
  4. Rachel & Tony one is simply amazing Love the Kate and Jodi ones from above post! They are just gorgeous
  5. Annie & Jai ones from above post are awesome and i also love that Roman/Charlie one! :wub:
  6. ^^ I wrote to Todd a while back and he sent me a signed fan card and personally (typed) letter which answered all of my questions. It didn't take too long for him to reply- like 2 weeks. He was very fast. And he wrote lovely stuff on the fan card
  7. "Lights and Music"- By Cut Copy
  8. SOUR WORMS And i just drank a can of red bull *starts jumping on bed*
  9. Thats how i got my Paul and Mark ones. They never replied. But you have to specially request a signed one- not just a fan card.
  10. Did we ever find out who dobbed in Robbie regarding turning off his Grandad's life support?
  11. W-O-W All those Belle ones are simply amazing! Also love that last Mattie/Tony one!
  12. Love the second one! Amazing colouring and cropping
  13. ^^ yeah i think so! Good luck on the reply The other day i got a signed Ada fan card
  14. Wow This one is freaking amazing. The colouring and cropping is perfect.
  15. HOTNESS Love them- 2nd one is my favourite Colouring (as usual) is magnificent! x
  16. Love ALL the Paul avs. amazing work
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