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It's Gonna Be Love

Guest kaciexox

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Great fic Kacie :)

Poor Ric, Maddies too busy off with Rueben, he doesnt even get a look in anymore :(

Jack cracks me up! :lol:

Great idea with the Jake Hold's bit Kacie :D

Hmm, the sexual tension is just going to build and build! :D

Looking forward to more

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some teasers, in no particular order

- two death in the bay

- JAck and Martha get some new residents in their apartment'

- Jenny is hiding a devastating secret from Brad

- a birthday party coming up leaves evryone stunned

- a car crash involving two people

- Ric discovers a shocking secret

- a much - loved resident finds out they have a fatal disease

some of these spoilers won't follow through for a while other will be solved straight away

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Who else can move in with Jack and Martha, there is only two bedrooms in that apartment :lol: Maybe Geoffy and Annie :lol:

deaths :( I hope none of those bad things happen to Jack or Martha, but your a JM fan, you wouldnt hurt them :)

Update please :)

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