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Silent Night (The Christmas No One Expected)

Guest ~Natasha~

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Story Title: Silent Night (The Christmas No One Expected)

Type of story:

Main Characters: Entire Cast.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: Christmas has been cursed.

This is my story so everything that happens in this fiction has nothing to do with what is happening in Home and Away right now. :P

Silent Night



Heavily pregnant Martha was leant over the bar which she was supposed to be cleaning up before they locked up for the night- the night before Christmas, well Christmas Eve to be even more precise. Tasha and Robbie were rocking baby Ella in their arms in the corner of the room while waiting for Martha to finish off cleaning the bar. All four of them including Jack were going out for a Christmas meal because their actually Christmas meal would be the whole family, this one would just be the four of them- As Ella was not invited so is being dropped of for Auntie Matilda to look after with the help of Uncle Lucas, who would much rather of beat Ric on his computer games all night.

Jack finally arrived all dressed up and ready to impress his lovely wife with the expensive restaurant he had booked for them all. They did not have to leave for another hour so Jack decided to have a drink and reluctant Martha finally let him have just the one, remembering the last the last time that he had consumed a bit too much alcohol but that was a story she would rather forget for his sake. But that did not stop him having another drink and another and another…

Suddenly Martha heard loud voices shouting coming from outside, looks like Matilda had brought the whole crew with her as they all stumbled in one after the other. Then half a minutes later the lovebirds, Belle and Drew came in while passionately kissing each other with Matilda making sick impressions yet again and Lucas and Cassie just sighed repeatedly. Robbie commented on how Matilda must be jealous of Belle and everyone just feel about laughing to her embarrassment.

Matilda explained how she would never give Belle the satisfaction of being jealous of her and everyone just nodded sarcastically as she turned around to see Belle and Drew still all over each other, but at the other side of the room. She then went over and joined Ric, Cassie and Lucas who were talking about what they were getting for Christmas. Ric was getting a car because he had just passed his driver’s test after three failed attempts. Lucas was getting an iPod and so was Matilda because Beth and Tony had thought of it together and Cassie told them that Sally said her present was going to be a special surprise.

Martha then told Jack that she felt really sick so went to go to the other side of the room away from the smell of alcohol. Tasha went to join her as she did not drink that night anyway as one of them had to be sober before they got to the restaurant. No way were they going to take a drunken Jack to somewhere that posh, he would have probably vomited on someone Martha was joking to Tasha.

They heard some banging sounds coming from the gym so Ric went to investigate; it was only Kim locking up the gym so he joined them for yet another drink and so did Ric after he got bored of Matilda and Cassie talking about soppy love stories. Lucas tried to get a drink as well but he was busted so he just sat down with the lads and watched all them drink while he had to stick to coke. Jack was definitely half way to becoming absolutely legless, which Martha was not happy about at all as tonight was suppose to be special- just the five of them having a late dinner before Christmas day.

Martha then rushes into the girls toilets with Tasha reluctantly following as she vomiting people scare her. Tasha heard the toilet flush and Martha walk out. She asked Martha if she was okay but Tasha could tell she was not as she was as white as a ghost, but Martha nods and fakes a smile that Tasha could see right through but did not ask any questions. Martha washed her hands and face before walking out with Tasha, back into the bar and she was shocked at what she saw.

Someone had put the music on from behind the bar and Jack was singing at the top of voice. He was definitely going to regret that tomorrow, especially because of the fact it was Christmas. Matilda and Ric were filming Jack on their phones because they found it hilarious. Martha definitely did not have the energy to pull him down after he jumped onto the bar and started stripping- Robbie told him to do it as a joke, he did not actually mean jump onto the bar and remove all of your clothes while trying to do a sexy dance, but luckily for Jack he passed out on to the floor just before he was about to reveal his manhood to the entire bar. It was a long way down but he was fine, maybe he would be more sober and ready to regret his actions when he came around again.

Cassie was in stitches after Jack’s ‘show’ but Lucas was mortified and was then glad that he did not drink anything alcoholic, he was never going to drink as much as Jack had in the last hour. Lucas had to listen to Cassie and Belle tell him how ‘fit’ they thought his brother was for the next half hour and then walked over to confront him. He shook Jack behind the bar to try and wake him up but he was to out of it. Lucas commented on how their Dad would kill him when he hears of Jack’s ‘fun’ night of drinking and stripping.

Someone was suddenly shouting Matilda from the door of the bar- it was Henry back for Christmas! Matilda jumped up and ran over to him, tripping over a few empty bottles before giving him and huge hug and telling how she has not seen him in like a whole year since last Christmas. They both went to sit on their own while she filled him in on the events of 2006 which he was very interested to hear.

Robbie and Kim then joined Tasha and Martha, who was so annoyed that Jack booked that table they should be sitting on right now but instead he decides to act like a drunken child. She cheers up a bit though when Robbie passes Ella over to her to hold. Martha begins to talk to her while putting on a fake childish voice. Tasha tells them all that Ella is going to walk and say her first word any day now and how exited she and Robbie are.

Matilda was now telling her twin brother about the traumatic day that was Martha and Jack’s wedding, he just asks Matilda if Jack was the half naked alcoholic passed out behind the bar. Matilda nods and carries on, now telling him about the plane crash, her bulimia and how she has come to terms with her past including how their Dad ignored them and thought that no one would ever like her. Henry reassures her that loads of people love and care for her and she tells him that she knows that now.


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I like it, good start! Just one tip: if you use more dialogues instead of just telling what happens that mgiht make it more exciting to read. But don't get me wrong, I think it was really good!

Someone had put the music on from behind the bar and Jack was singing at the top of voice. He was definitely going to regret that tomorrow

Great sentence, made me giggle :)

Please update soon!

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That was soooooo great i loved it i was cracking myself laughing when you were saying about jack stripping then he fell lol that was hilarious lol aww but poor martha lol :P OMG who came into the bar and said "EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING!" i hope nothing bad is going to happen lol well this was an awesome start update ASAP :)


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Thanks for all your replies. Ha-ha all of you referred to Jack's stripping in your replies, if only he had his uniform on as well. :rolleyes:

Silent Night



There were two of them and they both were carrying guns, pointing them at various people throughout the next few minutes. They were probably saying do as I tell you or else but without the dialogue. They were walking around the bar for a second and then one of them poured himself a drink. They both had balaclavas on and were disguising their voice, you could only just tell that they were both male. No one knew what they wanted or why they were here, on Christmas Eve.

“If you want to live to see Christmas again…” The guy pauses and stares at Martha who was hysterical with tears. “You will do exactly what I tell you” He then waves the gun around the room so everyone just nods. “Now that everyone has got that” The second man then looks all around the room, he whispers something to the first man but no one could figure out what they were saying. “Where is Jack Holden?” He asks while adding a large gap between each word.

Martha shakes her head at everyone so they knew what to say. “Jack is not here” Martha stutters, she was shivering like mad and everyone knew she was the most scared out all of them. The first man shakes his head at Martha which confuses her, he then walks over to her and strokes her face lightly.

“You must be his wife” She suddenly began to feel very sick again but just stared at him blankly. “Where is he?” Martha does not move, she keeps on staring at him which gets him very angry. “If you want me to make it easier for you, you will tell me” But Martha, who did not look as scared anymore, smiles and shakes her head. He then fires his gun, at the wall but everyone huddles together in fear anyway.

“What do you want with Jack?” Cassie asks the men while peering round the bar to see if everyone was okay. Ella was screaming her head off, because of the sound of the gun a few minutes ago.

“You can’t do this” Kim orders as he tries to help Robbie and Tasha calm Ella down. “You cannot just wave that gun around with a one year old and all of this can cause early labour for Martha” The man then points the gun at Kim again, and then moves it to fire the gun at the wall again. The man then leaves Noah’s Bar but leaves the second man to watch them all.

“Bad time to return?” Henry tries to laugh but it just came out wrong, especially with his petrified sister clinging onto him. Robbie then came over to them both after Ella’s crying had gotten too much for him.

“Everything will be okay” He tells them while being a very protective big brother, he hugs them both and does not let them go for a few seconds. “We will have to get some of you out” He whispers, meaning the younger ones and Martha.

“Argh!” Martha clutches her stomach in pain but then everything seemed to be alright again, but tears were still dribbling down her face. “I want Jack! I hate him, I hate him for doing this to me” Kim walks over to her, cuddles her and rocks her from side to side as she sat on the floor.

“Drew, we are going to die” Belle cries out as Drew stares blankly at the ceiling. Ella finally stopped crying. “I am really scared, Drew”

“It’s okay, we all are” Drew then looks around at all the scared faces. “Especially Martha, she has even wet herself”

“No she has not, her waters have just broken” Ric replies smartly and casually. “Oh my god her waters have broken!” Ric then shouts. “No this cannot happen now; you cannot have the baby now, Martha”

“Nooo” Martha screams, the baby was coming now, at the worst possible time. “I don’t want it now” Martha grabs hold of Kim’s hand really hard as her contractions started.

Preview: Will Jack come around? Why are they looking for Jack? Who are they? What is going to happen with Martha and the baby?

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