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  1. Corrupt guard to Ric?
  2. I don't know if anyone answered this. Amanda funded the search for the crash, and after giving up she felt pain in her leg which was suppose to be 'Belle's pain' so her and the rest of Summer Bay went searching themselves and magically found them. So then they gradually spent more time together with a few hiccups, but it was mainly becase Amanda was giving her tips about how to steal Ric off Cassie.
  3. It is, I would never have got it if you didn't tell me x
  4. When are the new ones going to be showing?
  5. Okay, so I haven't got any right now so I'll give you an easy one. Only been heard in Aus, so It'll be easy for you people. "That's why we had the music up so loud" Who said that, to who and when? I knooow, it's easy but if you haven't heard it- guess!! Like I do usually.
  6. Okay, so I watch one episode with Martin going mental at Sonia, and next time I watch it they are in bed together. Woot?
  7. Hehe, Emma just linked me to this and I am so happy that she did. This one shot is brilliant, amazingly written and some of the phrases used are just fantastic. I hope you write many more fics in the future. x
  8. Anyone notice in tomorrows epi that everytime Belle was in the mansion her plaits seemed to grow longer?
  9. Aw that is fantastic, really well written and organised. And it's really sweet as well, the was Peter was thinking about his son was adorable. Your a fab writer, I hope you write many more fics to come x
  10. This fic is great. You both write it so well.
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