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  1. Your avatar of Jack is Yummmy ;) Gosh I miss him, why did he leave?? lol! xx Paris

  2. you know, i finally got around to watching potc and your right, he's kinda hot. :b

  3. Emmmsyyyypoo :]

    Im talking to you on msn right now :D

    I missed you :(


  4. I do smell!! Very nice in fact ;]

    You however smell rather bad, *so that's what that bad smell was earlier* :P

  5. Pssst! Come online :P I miss you my little pea buddie =)

  6. Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles
  7. Awww she's all worried about her date. In a way I want it to be mucked up so that Jack can comfort her Please update soon. Great chapter!
  8. Poor Jacky, I hope he survives and can go back to Martha. They need each other! Aww Kim and Luc were sweet. Great writing, can't wait for more
  9. N'aaaaaw. Jacky and Maccy. That chapter was funny stuff. Its so sweet how they call each other hun. Gawsh. Slow mover eh? Looks like this'll be a long one then =] Update soon Kiwi-Trixibelle. Haha didn't that embarass you.
  10. JnM Forever, Fifi. And dont you forget it *wink*

  11. I'm just joshing...really =]

  12. Erm...JnM forever. Hope thats okay, coz I mean you don't bully me into posting comments do you? :P x x x

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