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  1. I agree with Mrs Baker, The 'chilling' one is awsome! xx
  2. Love numbers 7,8,9&10 The black and white on the fisrt three look amazing xx
  3. Aaaaww I didn't know Clarissa died Great avs though...love the first Nick av and the third Clarissa one xx
  4. Absolutly loving these! Great work, Jen xx
  5. Love the following; 1,2,3,4,7,9,13,15 The colouring on them ALL are absolutly amazing fuj, xx
  6. My 'contribution' Not as good as the others Fuj, xx
  7. I also made a couple-not sure if you'll like them... Fuj, xx
  8. Mr Kipling Viennese whirls...*yummy* x
  9. I love the Jack one He's so hot The effect looks really cool Fuj, xx
  10. I love the banner The colouring is absolutly gorgeous Also love the cropping on your previous avs-especially the Drew/Jazz one. Great work, Fuj, xx
  11. The cropping and colouring are great on them and the effects on some look fab Keep up the good work, Fuj, xx
  12. Hey! Really nice avs...Especially the Martha&Roman one (eeww-to think they went out) Any way the croppings really good on them and the simplicity looks great...Also love the Melody and Belle avs...Keep up the good work, Fuj, xxx
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