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Forbidden Lust

Guest ~Natasha~

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I've decided to start a new fic as I have had enough of my old ones. :rolleyes:

This is a fic on all my fave couples, well some of my fave as I have many, many more. It is kind of a sequel to 'Never Walk Alone' in the Matilda/Lucas parts except she hasn't had the baby yet and Lucas knows about it. And it might include some Tasha/Jack moments in the near future so beware. :P

Basically the Tasha, Robbie, Martha and Jack parts are about what’s already happened in Aus but the Matilda&Lucas parts I have made up completely on my own and has nothing to do with the current storylines in Aus.

Forbidden Lust

Part: 1

"Tash it's gone midnight, shouldn't you be in bed?" Robbie asks his heavily pregnant wife while switching the light on, "Why are you sat in the dark?" Robbie joins her on the sofa where it looks like Tasha isn't listening to him, instead just day-dreaming.

"Sorry, what?" She finally says when she snapped out of it, she cuddles up to Robbie while holding her stomach. "One month Rob" She turns around to face him and smiles, he smiles back but when she turns around his face now tells a different story. "You are happy aren't you?"

"Yeah, course I am" Robbie replies, sounding very unsure but Tasha believed him. "I'm going back to bed, you coming?" Robbie asks whilst climbing up off the sofa.

"Er, yeah I'll be there in a minute" She smiles and kisses him lightly on his cheek.


"Our first night together as husband and wife" Martha grinned, then winked cheekily at her new husband and then giggles. Jack nods and awkwardly smiles at her. "What's wrong Jack?"

"Nothing, I'm just so happy that you're alive" He grins and rushes over to hug her, and does so really tightly. "I love you"

"I know you do" She smiles as he lets go. "I love you too"

"Now where were we?" Jack grabs Martha's hand and pulls her into the bedroom.


"My Mum would kill us if we stayed up this late" Matilda worried. "That would be the third lecture this week, and its only Tuesday"

"Nah, I think the first one was aimed at me" Lucas replies. " 'How could you let this happen?' Like it was all my fault" Lucas hugs Matilda and then says "I'm going to bed, you should too"

"Ooh yeah, so I can wake up tomorrow to more morning sickness! Yey" She replies sarcastically. "Actually I might ask Tasha when it'll pass tomorrow, she should know because I think hers was really bad like mine"

"Night Mattie" When Lucas is out of sight, Matilda changes the channel to a girly movie instead of the action one they were currently watching.

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Thanks for all your replies. ^_^

Forbidden Lust

Part: 2

"So what are we going to do on your day off?" Martha smiles whilst getting dressed. "If only we had the place to ourselves"

"What you going to do? Ask Kim and Rachel to move out?" Jack asks sarcastically. "Oh, and I promised Robbie I'd help Tasha paint the nursery"

"Oh, okay" Martha looks disappointed and walks out of the bedroom, Jack slowly following. "Morning" She grins at Kim and Rachel who were having breakfast, they just nod back and then turn around and start talking to each other again.

"Right, well I'll be off" Jack hugs Martha and walks up to the door. "Don't want to keep Tash waiting" He rolls his eyes then walks out.


"Remember, Jack is coming round in a second to help you paint the baby's room" Tasha looks at him confused.

"Since when?" She asks while walking into the kitchen.

"Oh did I forget to tell you, well I told him ten and its five to so he'll be here in a minute" Robbie kisses Tasha. "Got to go" He walks to the door where he is greeted by Jack. "Hey" Tasha smiles at him awkwardly, he awkwardly smiles back.

"So painting?" He says, trying to break the silence. "How do you know what colour to paint it if you don't know if it’s a boy or a girl?" Jack asks, Tasha gets up and pulls him into the nursery where one wall was painted a really light yellow and the others where white. "Oh"

"We've got to paint there" She says to him, pointing at the white walls and passing him a paint brush and smiling.


"Where’s Matilda?" Beth asks Lucas who was sitting at the table, eating breakfast with his Dad. He pointed towards the bathroom.

"She won't let me in, I've tried" Lucas replies, Beth rushes towards the bathroom.

"Mattie, are you okay?" There was no answer; she could just hear faint crying sounds.

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Thank you Sian and jacknmarthaluver (Although I don't think you'll like this part :P). :D xxx

Forbidden Lust

Part: 3

"Your painting skills are terrible" Tasha giggles, before splashing the paintbrush on his nose and laughing.

"I'll get you back for that" He laughs as well, running around the room chasing her with his paintbrush. Then Tasha struggles to get her breath. "Tash, Tasha sit down" She complies and he sits next to her, both leaning on the unpainted wall.

"I think that’s too much excitement for me" She replies, steadily breathing. "All better now, got to get this wall finished today because we've got the cot being fixed tomorrow"

"We should take a break" Jack orders and then pulls Tasha up and into the living room where they both sit on the sofa. "Want to go for a walk on the beach? If you take it easy"

"Yeah sure" Tasha replies, getting a bit over exited. "And I'll be fine Jack, stop worrying"


"MATILDA! Please come out" Beth pleads with her daughter, who was still crying. "MATILDA!"

"Its all my fault" Matilda finally says. "I wished this baby would go away and now I've killed it"

"What do you mean?" Beth says to her. "Tony, kick the door down, she's not coming out" But before Tony could even get up, Lucas rushes to door and bashes it down. They find Matilda leaning against the bath, hysterically crying and in severe pain. "We're going to the hospital!" Beth says while helping her daughter up and into her car. Lucas and Tony following them.


"You okay Tash? You look very pale" Jack asks, looking very concerned.

"I'm fine Jack, but I've got something to talk to you about" Tasha replies, with a deadly serious tone of voice.

"I think we should go back now" Jack says, knowing what Tasha is going to say and trying to avoid the subject. Jack starts to walk ahead of Tasha so he didn't have to talk to her on their way back, when they did get back Tasha gave him a very knowing look and Jack knew she was going to talk whether he liked it or not.

"Jack you can't deny that this is getting really strange" She tells him. "We've been spending so much time together lately and even Robbie thinks its strange"

"So aren't friends allowed to spend time together?" Jack asks her confused.

"Not like this" She replies, collapsing onto the sofa. "Jack, I have no idea how I feel about you anymore"

"Well let me help you" Jack leans in to kiss Tasha, she also leans towards Jack but they are interrupted by Robbie...

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