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  1. Can I join the Ash fan club or is it a one member party :)

  2. Now Shan, I have been lurking in this thread and reading the chapters as they are posted, but I'm seriously lazy and haven't gotten round to commenting yet. But I shall now. I love it all! Lol all I can say You're turning me into a Sarah and Emily fan..... But yeah, updatee soonie
  3. I do miss them! Those two are my favourite, they're very very prettyfull . I haven't been on here for so long you've done so much!
  4. Ooh Cassie makes a decision... I hope she keeps it. This story is getting really good, i love your writing. Update soon please x
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  6. I loved that, I hope you do decide to write more. I'd love to see where this goes
  7. Dont worry about updating, only do it when you have the time. I know what its like to be busy and have people nagging you to update lol. And I hate coursework, I'm suprised you haven't died of boredom from it
  8. One of the teachers mentioned toys 'r' us today and straight away I thought of you, ya big kid :P xx

  9. Culture Club - - Karma Chamelion, haha I know im sad
  10. That chapter was great. I feel so bad for Jack, I hope Martha remembers Jack, Although I think it will be Corey she will remember, No complaints there though
  11. Fabuloso! Loved it! More soon please
  12. Yeah, I do rock Fab Stuff "Jamey-Maria" hehe It's soooo cute!
  13. that was fantastic! a great read this early in the morning lol. well done
  14. I didn't know he was that old!!! Happy birthday anyway Bobby. Is it just me or whenever someone says bobby morley it makes me think of bab marley
  15. I so want them to argue and all that before they get back to normal, it will be more fun
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