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  1. hello annie :)

    it seems you were on here yesterday, or perhaps this site is completely spazzed. either way, how are have you been? (sorry if you don't want to talk to me in advance).

  2. Annie!

    Just... thought I'd say your name. It sounds like it should be spelt

    "An EEEEE"

    I like stuff with the "EEEEE" on the end. My name can't really do it, because you don't really pronounce the "e" on Nicole. :( Sad times.

  3. That was so incredibly sad. You better write that next chapter quickly Nicole! Great work.
  4. 99-year-old annie is more fit than 13-year-old nikki. how sad :(

  5. * i mean, ultra-FIT

  6. ZEROOOO. i'm an ultra-fight ninety-nine year old! :D

  7. LOLOL how many hip replacements have you had annie?

  8. aww you cute little thirteen-year-old! I'M NINETY-NINE RAAAAAR.

  9. haha annie is ooooooold.

  10. Time Running by Tegan and Sara.
  11. ^ I just love being able to stay up still whenever, and know it doesn't mean you're going to be losing any sleep. HOLIDAYS.
  12. Music and Lyrics. It was actually much better than I expected, & Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant are really funny actors.
  13. Yaaay! Finally an update. ;) Great chapter Nicole. "Happy faces"!
  14. Is it your birthday? I'm guessing you're not 99, but it may actually be your birthday. So... Happy Birthday! If its not your birthday then I look like a fool right now. :P (Wow, how many times have I said the word 'Birthday'? :o)

  15. heeeeeey coffee sister. i looove your icon. :] xo

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