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  1. I was just curious as I was finking about this earlier! I knew Ric was like Alf long lost grandson but how? Like was Ric's dad Alf's son or was it his mum?? Can anyone shed some light?! Thanks xxx
  2. Thanks guys .... Only 3 more to go then I'll be off for about 2 weeks so expect some updates
  3. hahaha I found the bit with Irene constantly cutting Luc of hysterical I have a funny feeling what their doing will turn out to be a disater...great writing thouhg
  4. That was amazing! It was fantastic for your first attempt at a non-script you nearly had me crying Poor Mattie
  5. I'm intrigued Sounds really interesting Can't wait to read more
  6. Guys I am sooooooo sorry I have jst realised that this fic is still running That was meant to be the last chapter Sowwee
  7. That was soooooo sad, I had a tear in my eye Well done... looking forward to more
  8. Ohhhhh Ric grrrrrrr......You have to update soon
  9. ^Thanks for posting The baby is at Mattie place.... I think it says somewhere in the chapter that she's taking her home. You'll find out the babies name soon Oh and the song Is Queen of My Heart-Westlife
  10. Hey guys.... I'm really sorry but I've been trying to write the next pat of the story for a bout a week but am having MAJOR writers block. I will try and update soon when I thought of where I can take the story but it won't be til about maybe 2 weeks or so... as next weekend it's my b'day and I have work experience etc. If I can get an update up before that I will be surprised. Sorry
  11. Thanks guys! Not sure when another update will be as we have just gone back to school and I have mountains of coursework.
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