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Irene began to lose it…

IRENE: They wont leave me alone! [irene crouches on the floor]

BELLE: Who wont leave you alone? [irene begins to squeal loud. Robbie stares at her with sympathy and doesn’t know what to do, Belle looks horrified and runs away]

ROBBIE: Belle! Belle! [Tasha runs in with the baby, the baby starts crying]

TASHA: What the hell is going on? [irene is now rocking back and fourth]

ROBBIE: Can you hear the voices Tasha? Because I can’t!

IRENE: I told him to be careful, but he wouldn’t listen!

Questions needed answers…

ROBBIE: Who do you think she was talking about?

TASHA: What do you mean?

ROBBIE: She was going on about how he should of kept careful and how he wouldn’t listen. Who do you think she’s talking about? [Tasha hands the baby to Robbie] Can’t you hold her?

Robbie didn’t want to love…

TASHA: I’m going to get Irene a blanket.

ROBBIE: I’ll go get it for her. [Robbie walks to the cabinet]

TASHA: Robbie, is everything okay?

ROBBIE: Why wouldn’t it be?

TASHA: It’s just, every time I hand you Bec, you seem to always push away.

A teen’s romance feel to pieces…

DREW: I thought this was just a bit of fun. You and me.

BELLE: It is, but can’t I want something more?

DREW: Belle, I’m not ready.

BELLE: Well fine then. [belle gets up and walks away]

DREW: Belle. Belle!

The perfect marriage was struggling to survive…

MARTHA: This is serious Jack! You’ve been spending too much time with these people!

JACK: What is wrong with spreading God’s word? [Martha looks disgusted]

MARTHA: Listen to yourself Jack! These people are trying to destroy our marriage!

And the one’s that disappeared without a trace, were beginning to be questioned on people’s minds…

[Tracey and Zoe are lying in the barn, while it’s on fire]

EPISODE TWO: We're Coming Home...


[Robbie is eating breakfast, Tasha moves towards the table from the lounge where Irene is sleeping]

ROBBIE: How is she?

TASHA: She’s fine. Hopefully when she wakes up she’ll be okay. Poor Reenie.

ROBBIE: This is all weird, isn’t it?

TASHA: What do you mean?

ROBBIE: Well it was around this time last year that Irene was going you-know-what. And it’s happening again. I’m having a serious Déjà vu.

TASHA: Rob, Irene is not crazy.

ROBBIE: Did you ever stop to think that Corey may be behind this?

TASHA: Corey? Corey is in jail Rob, he couldn’t do this to her.

ROBBIE: Anything is possible when a mad-man is locked up inside. [belle comes down the stairs, still crying]

TASHA: Belle, is everything ok?

BELLE: Of course it is! [belle goes out the front door and slams it]

ROBBIE: I think she’s taking Irene going crazy, a little too much to the heart. [Tasha doesn’t look impressed]


[Martha is going through some cupboards and finds Jack’s police shirt, she picks it up and looks at it]

MARTHA: What am I going to do with you? [Jack walks in]

JACK: Morning. [Jack kisses Martha on the check] Where did you find that?

MARTHA: I found it in the cupboard. [Jack prepares himself for breakfast] What do you have planned for today?

JACK: The church is holding a charity event to help raise money for the poor overseas. You should come, you’ll enjoy it.

MARTHA: I have a photo shoot at twelve. Maybe if it finishes early, I could come?

JACK: Martha, why do you do that sort of stuff? God doesn’t want women to be displayed as sex objects.

MARTHA: Jack, this is a photo-shoot for a clothing line, all my other works have been on clothing lines, make up brands and so on. I am not having a photo-shoot for Pent House.

JACK: I still don’t think you should do it.

MARTHA: Jack, don’t make me angry. Someone in this house needs to bring in the money!

JACK: We don’t need money to be happy.

MARTHA: I don’t want money to be happy! I want money to survive In this world!

JACK: Look at all the people without money, they’ve been surviving.

MARTHA: Yeah, well look at all the people who don’t. [They just stare at each other] I’m going to see granddad. I’ll see you soon. [Martha walks out]


[The baby is crying in the background, Robbie is reading a magazine, Tasha is in the bathroom]

TASHA: Robbie, can you get her?

ROBBIE: Can’t you? I’m kinda busy.

TASHA: Rob, I’m in the middle of waxing, can you please go get her? [Robbie just sits there] Robbie!?

ROBBIE: Fine. [Robbie gets up and moves to their bedroom, he just stares at the baby for awhile]

TASHA: Is she fine?

ROBBIE: Uh, yeah. I think she’s just hungry. [Robbie just stares at her, in the background you hear Irene]

IRENE: God save us! Do something to the poor girl before you kill her! [Robbie hesitates to pick her up, then he does, he walks into the living room]

ROBBIE: Morning Irene. How was your sleep?

IRENE: It was disturbing. I had strange dreams last night. They freaked the living daylights out of me.

ROBBIE: Dreams about what?

IRENE: It’s silly, but I dreamt that I went crazy again. Kind of like the whole thing with Corey last year. It was like a nightmare! [Robbie looks shocked]

ROBBIE: Oh, and you feel fine now?

IRENE: I feel great now thanks Rob.


[belle is walking, Amanda goes up to her]

AMANDA: Morning. [she notices Belle is upset] Belle, are you okay?

BELLE: I’m fine.

AMANDA: Belle-

BELLE: I said I’m fine! [belle walks faster to get away from Amanda]


[belle storms through the back door]

IRENE: Oi, oi oi! Get back here girly! What’s the matter? [belle stares at Robbie, giving him the look asking him how can Irene be okay?] Well!?

BELLE: Nothing, I saw Amanda down at the beach.

IRENE: Oh, what has she done now?

BELLE: Nothing, it’s okay. [Amanda comes through the back way, she seems puffed to catch up to Belle] Oh what do you want!?

AMANDA: I just want to talk!

IRENE: Amanda, she doesn’t want to talk to you, so just leave her in peace alright!

AMANDA: Well she looks upset, I just wanted to talk.

BELLE: It’s not your problem! [belle storms up the stairs, Amanda and Irene look at each other]

AMANDA: Why is she like this to me?

IRENE: I hate to say it to your face Amanda, you may be changing, though your past will always come back to bite you up the bum. [Amanda looks confused] It’s called karma Amanda. [Amanda looks upset]


[Jack is organizing some things, Father Logan walks in]

FATHER LOGAN: Afternoon Jack.

JACK: Father, how are you?

FATHER LOGAN: I’m fine thank you. How are you? [Jack doesn’t answer, Father Logan has a look that he already knows the answer to his question] More fights with Martha?

JACK: I don’t know what her problem is! All I want to do in life is help people, and she can’t seem to understand that. She thinks you guys are trying to break up our marriage.

FATHER LOGAN: Oh, well that’s nonsense. We pressure into marriage, not divorce.

JACK: I know, I can’t understand why she reacts like this. And why she keeps that sluty job.

FATHER LOGAN: Language Jack, we’re in the Lord’s home. [Jack forces a smile to say sorry] Martha is still modeling?

JACK: Yes, it makes me sick. Knowing that she’s being photographed by other men. Why can’t she just turn around and change her life?


[Martha is in the middle of a photo-shoot]

PHILIP: Okay, can you just turn around this way Martha? [Martha turns and smiles] Perfect.

MARTHA: Phil, two hours of standing here and smiling is making me tired.

PHILIP: Would you like a break? [Martha has a flirtatious smile] A break it is then.

MARTHA: Thank god!

PHILIP: See, you do need God for something. [Philip smiles]

MARTHA: If this talk is going to lead onto my husband, I don’t want to talk about it.

PHILIP: He loves you Martha.

MARTHA: And I love him too, he’s just not giving me any attention no more, he’s always with the church. I know it sounds selfish, but what he’s doing is not just right. If we have kids, how are we going to support them? My job is not always going to last, especially when I have kids.

PHILIP: People change.

MARTHA: Well I hope you’re right. I can’t stand Jack being like this any more.

PHILIP: Why don’t you cook him dinner tonight? Make the place look real special.

MARTHA: You know what Philip, that’s not such a bad idea. [Martha smiles]


[Amanda slams the door crying, she suddenly stops and sees Macca sitting on the lounge]

AMANDA: Macca, what are you doing here?

MACCA: I came by for a visit. Though it looks like you’re not up too one. Are you alright?

AMANDA: I’m fine, Irene just said some stuff to me that made me hit reality.

MACCA: Like what?

AMANDA: Karma. And it’s true. Belle not wanting to know me, is karma for all the bad things I’ve done. Marrying Graham for his money, pretending to be pregnant with Scott’s baby, Project 56, my affair with Peter, trying to ruin Dan and Leah’s wedding. Also the thing I told you about the other night.

MACCA: The other thing?

AMANDA: You know, the stuff about Dan and Ryan.

MACCA: Oh. Wow that’s um a lot of-

AMANDA: Bad karma coming my way, I know. I think it’s just time I prepared myself for it all. [Amanda smiles]

MACCA: Nothing is going to happen. [Macca kisses Amanda] Maybe we should move this upstairs?

AMANDA: Ryan will be home from Dan’s soon.

MACCA: We still have another hour. [Amanda smiles]


[irene is walking down the stairs, she sees a figure run away from the back porch]

IRENE: Oi! [irene runs to the backdoor but notices she’s to late, she goes to the fridge, and gets out her bottle of water and drinks it, Tasha walks in]

TASHA: What was that?

IRENE: I dunno, someone was probably trying to break in, but I caught them before I could say boo. [Tasha has a look on her face thats saying ‘Irene is going crazy’]

TASHA: Reenie, were you aware of what happened last night?

IRENE: What happened last night? [Tasha struggles to get her words out]

TASHA: During dinner, there was a bit of an incident. Robbie said you had it in your dream, but it was in fact real.

IRENE: What? The dream about me going nuts? [Tasha says nothing] Love, I’m not going nuts.

TASHA: I know. It’s just that dream was real. You were going a little insane last night. You looked like you were scared.

IRENE: What are you talking about girly? I wasn’t going insane.

TASHA: Yes you were Irene, don’t try and deny it, because I’m very concerned. [irene looks very emotional]

IRENE: Why do you think I’m going crazy when I’m not?

TASHA: Irene? [irene begins to hit herself with her hands]

IRENE: I’m not going crazy! They just wont leave me alone!

TASHA: Irene whose they? [irene begins to cry] Irene, you need to tell me! [belle and Robbie walk in]

IRENE: I’m not telling you nothing! You think I’m going crazy! All of you!

ROBBIE: Irene we don’t think that.

IRENE: Bull! [Tasha goes closer to Irene to hug her] Don’t touch me! [irene shoves Tasha into the cupboards she runs away]

BELLE: Irene!

ROBBIE: Tash! [Robbie helps Tasha up] Are you okay?

TASHA: I am, though Reenie is not!


[The whole room has been set up for a romantic night, Martha is waiting at the table, she dials Jack’s phone but goes to his voice mail. She hangs up]

MARTHA: Where are you?


[Amanda and Macca are lying in bed]

MACCA: I should get changed before I get caught. [Amanda kisses Macca]

AMANDA: Just stay for five more minutes.

MACCA: What are you going to do?

AMANDA: About what?

MACCA: Belle. You just can’t give up on her.

AMANDA: I wont. We were so close Macca to beginning a relationship, then the fire happened and then the helicopter crash. It’s like fate is trying to separate us apart. And all it took was an explosion to do all that. [Amanda and Macca stare at each other]


[A figure walks through the door, but you can only see the feet]

UNKOWN FEMALE VOICE: Hey, I was wondering when you were going to get home. [You hear the two figures kiss] I made reservations tonight at the restaurant down the street. Hope you didn’t have plans.

UNKOWN FEMALE VOICE 2: Cancel. I have much greater plans than a dinner reservation… We’re moving back to Summer Bay. [You see the face of the second female, it’s Zoe, she smiles then you see the other figure, it’s Tracey’s. Zoe has scares on the left side of her face from the explosion, Tracey looks fine]

TRACEY: So we’re going back home then?

ZOE: Back where we belong. [Zoe smiles, then Tracey]

Just 18 episodes to go until the breath-taking season finale.

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I know this one is off to a crappy start and very unlike the other Bay Crush. But this series is a build up, to hopefully one of the best stories ever lol... If i upsetted the M&J fans, don't worry! All good comes in the end. Well for some people anyway! So just stay tuned guys! :)

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