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Bay Crush

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The pain in Rachel’s heart was growing inside her…

[Kit smiles, they begin to kiss, from the top of the beach, Rachel is staring at them]


[Rachel is sitting by herself with no lights on, there’s a bottle of Vodka in front of her, she’s just staring at it]

Leah was now blackmailed into getting the baby she always wanted…

JOE: Five grand is not enough to give away my baby. I’ll take the five grand, and we’ll look at it as a deposit.

LEAH: I’m not giving you five grand, and then give you another five grand on top of that without any signature.

Though she gave into temptation and did everything Joe wanted her to…

LEAH: If you want five thousand up front then another five later… Fine. [Leah throws the cheque at him]

Hidden desires were being expressed…

LUCAS: What time does Sally expect you home? [The light shines in the figures face, it’s Drew]

DREW: Time doesn’t matter. As long as you’re here, I don’t have a care in the world. [Drew smiles and kisses Lucas]


DAN: You’ll get through this Rachel. [Dan puts his hand on Rachel’s. They both smile at each other, she leans over and kisses Dan, Dan doesn’t pull away]

A hidden secret was exposed…

CASSIE: You remember a few weeks after everyone was found from the bush? And I spent that night with Macca?

RIC: Yeah. [Looking confused]

CASSIE: And I told you how we didn’t sleep together? Well I lied. I’m pregnant to Macca, I’m so sorry. [Ric doesn’t know what to say]

The marriage we all once loved… Is it about to end?

JACK: Well then if you don’t like how I am now, then maybe we shouldn’t be married.


JACK: If this is the way our marriage is going to be. Then Martha, we have no marriage. [Martha looks surprised at what Jack said]

And the ones we thought that were lost forever, are about to return to the Bay…

ZOE: We’re moving back to Summer Bay.

TRACEY: So we’re going back home then?

ZOE: Back where we belong. [Zoe smiles, then Tracey]

EPISODE FIVE: It's Finally Time...


[Tony and Beth are eating breakfast]

BETH: What time did Lucas get home last night?

TONY: Eleven thirty.

BETH: Do you know where he was?

TONY: He said he was out with Drew.

BETH: Drew? What would they be doing at eleven thirty at night?


[Lucas is on the phone to Drew]

LUCAS: Don’t worry, I have the whole day planned. I’ll tell Matilda some story why we have to break up then-

DREW: Make sure you don’t mention me!

LUCAS: Don’t worry I wont. What time did you want me to meet you at the caravan park?

DREW: Six? Do you think that’s a little early?

LUCAS: I’ll see. Depends how it all goes with Matilda. [Matilda walks over to Lucas’ room and listens to the conversation] I don’t know how I’m going to tell her. Especially with everything she’s been through. [Matilda looks a little surprised]

DREW: I have to go, breakfast is ready. I love you. [Lucas says nothing] Lucas, are you there?

LUCAS: Yeah, yeah. I love you too. [Lucas hangs up, Matilda looks very upset with what she just heard. She runs into the living area then into her room]

BETH: Matilda! [Lucas comes out of his room]

TONY: Did you guys have another fight? [Lucas looks surprised]

LUCAS: Um, no why?

TONY: Matilda stormed out of the rumpus room. I thought you guys must have been having a talk or something. [Lucas looks shocked]



[sally, Cassie, Drew and Alf are eating breakfast]

SALLY: Cassie, did you tell Ric breakfast is ready? [Cassie says nothing] Cassie?

CASSIE: Sorry?

SALLY: Ric, did you tell Ric breakfast was ready?

CASSIE: Oh, yeah. He said he’s not hungry.

ALF: Shouldn’t you kids be at school by this hour?

DREW: School finished early. Remember? [Alf looks at Sally]

SALLY: Problems with the Board, don’t ask.

ALF: Oh, that’s right.

CASSIE: The good thing is we get two extra weeks of holidays. [Cassie says with a smile, Cassie notices Sally staring at her] What?

SALLY: Nothing. It’s good to see you smile. [Cassie smiles again, Ric walks in] Ric, your breakfast is getting cold.

RIC: I’m not hungry. [Cassie’s smile disappears, Sally notices]

SALLY: Is something wrong Ric?

RIC: Why don’t you ask Cassie?

CASSIE: Ric!? [Ric walks out the door]

DREW: Girls… Always have problems. [Cassie and Sally look at Drew in a funny way] I’m joking, of course. I love girls, girls are my passion. What can I say? I’m a charmer! [Drew has a fake laugh to change the subject]


[Jack is eating breakfast, Martha walks in]

JACK: Where were you yesterday?

MARTHA: I had a shoot in the city, so I stayed there for the night. I’m going back there tonight as well. [Jack doesn’t look happy] But I came back here to see you. How have you been?

JACK: Ok. About the other day i-

MARTHA: It’s ok. I was being selfish.

JACK: No, I was the one in the wrong…

MARTHA: Has something happened?

JACK: No, why would you think that?

MARTHA: You don’t seem your normal self.

JACK: And what exactly is my normal self these days? [They laugh, a knock is at the door, Martha answers it]

MARTHA: Hey. Can we help you?

DR. PADD: I’m Doctor Padd, are you Martha Holden?


DR. PADD: Father Logan sent me over here, for a counselling session with you and your husband Jack.

MARTHA: Excuse me?

DR. PADD: Counselling, Marriage Counselling. [Martha looks disgusted]

MARTHA: One moment. [she closes the door and looks at Jack] You think we need counselling?

JACK: No, Father Logan thinks we need it.

MARTHA: And why would he think that?

JACK: Because he knows our marriage is in trouble. He knows that we have problems.

MARTHA: But we’re working through our problems by ourselves! We don’t need no Doctor to help us get through it! [Jack says nothing] You knew about this didn’t you!

JACK: No, I didn’t. [They don’t say anything, Martha opens the door and walks out] Martha, where are you going!? Martha!


[Rachel is making herself a coffee, Dan walks in]

DAN: Morning. [Rachel turns to look at Dan]

RACHEL: Dan, about last night. I’m sorry. That shouldn’t of happened.

DAN: It’s alright. You were hurting. I guess I can say I was hurting about the baby… And the loss of my money. [Rachel has a funny look at Dan] The price of our baby has gone up.

RACHEL: Can’t you just find another knocked up woman?

DAN: I’m doing it for Leah. She want’s this baby. If this is what it takes for her to be happy, then so be it. [Leah walks in, she’s rushing]

LEAH: Morning Rach- how are you feeling?

RACHEL: Better then yesterday, sorry about the mess.

LEAH: No, it’s fine.

RACHEL: Are you going somewhere?

LEAH: I’m off to the bank. [Dan and Rachel look at each other] Are you ready Dan?

DAN: Um, I thought you were just going by yourself?

LEAH: It’s coming from your account Dan. I’m going to need you with me.

DAN: Oh, right. [Leah walks out] Will you be alright by yourself?

RACHEL: Yeah, yeah, of course.

DAN: Alright. I’ll see you later.


[A figure is walking down a hallway with a gun, the place is full of boxes. The figure puts the gun in a box, the box is full of them. The figure keeps walking to another box, it’s full of different models of clocks. The figure closes the box. They then write ‘Tick Tock’ on the box]


[Lucas is having a drink, Matilda walks out, and is shocked to see Lucas there]

MATILDA: Oh sorry, I thought you were gone.

LUCAS: Nah, not yet… Are you ok Matilda?

MATILDA: Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?

LUCAS: It’s just nothing, don’t worry about it. [They just stare at each other]

MATILDA: Are you back with Lee?

LUCAS: What? Of course not-

MATILDA: Because I heard you on the phone telling someone that you loved them. Who is it? [Lucas says nothing, Matilda looks emotional] You are so dumped! [Matilda walks off]

LUCAS: Matilda! Wait!

MATILDA: I don’ know why we got back together in the first place!

LUCAS: Because I loved you!

MATILDA: And now you don’t.

LUCAS: I do, I still do.

MATILDA: Well who is she then?

LUCAS: It’s complicated.

MATILDA: Oh, I’m sure it is!

LUCAS: Matilda please!

MATILDA: Don’t… Beg… Lucas! [Matilda runs out]


[Cassie is on she’s phone to Macca]

CASSIE: Macca, there’s something I need to talk to you about. [PAUSE] Now! It’s serious. [PAUSE] Ok. Ok. I’ll see you later tonight then. [Cassie hangs up, Sally walks in]

SALLY: Was that Ric?

CASSIE: No, Macca.

SALLY: Macca?

CASSIE: Yeah, I just need to see him about something.

SALLY: Dos this something have to do with Ric? And why you’ve been upset?

CASSIE: Yes. [They sit on the lounge]

SALLY: You can tell me, it will be alright.

CASSIE: No, no it won’t Sally. It won’t be alright.

SALLY: Why? [Cassie says nothing] Cassie you have to tell me what’s going on. Otherwise I can’t help you.

CASSIE: I’m pregnant. And Ric’s not the father… Macca is. [sally looks shocked at what she heard, Cassie looks upset]


[Rachel is walking along the beach, she sees Kit, Kit smiles at her in a friendly way]

RACHEL: What are you smiling at?

KIT: Nothing, I was just being friendly.

RACHEL: Why? Because you feel guilty by taking Kim away from me?

KIT: Rachel, I’m sorry. How was I meant to know that Kim would of chose me over you?

RACHEL: When you slept with him out in the bush.

KIT: That was in the heat of the moment. We thought we were going to die!

RACHEL: So you guys were about to die, and you thought embracing yourselves with your ex is the best way to exit this world? [Kit says nothing] Exactly what I thought. Pure guilt.

KIT: You know what Rachel. I did feel guilty for you when all this happened, but the way you’re treating me… I feel nothing for you no more. You’re getting what you deserve. [Kit walks off]

RACHEL: What did you say?

KIT: You’re getting what you deserved. [Kit smiles, turns around and keeps walking. Rachel gets all fired up and runs towards Kit, then tackles her to the ground]

RACHEL: Take that back! [Rachel is pinning Kit to the ground]

KIT: Get off me you psycho! [Rachel slaps Kit. Kit slaps Rachel back] Get off me!

RACHEL: He’s mine! He was always mine! And you took him away from me!

KIT: He walked out of your engagement! I didn’t make that choice for him!

RACHEL: You’re so going to get what you deserve! [Rachel gets off Kit and walks away]

KIT: Stupid cow!


[sally and Cassie are talking]

SALLY: Are you sure? I mean home pregnancy tests aren’t that reliable.

CASSIE: I’m sure Sally. If I’ve done the maths right, I’m about twelve weeks pregnant. [sally looks shocked]

SALLY: How did Ric handle the news?

CASSIE: Not well. As you can see by him not talking to me. Oh Sally, what am I going to do?

SALLY: Does Macca know?

CASSIE: No, I’m going to tell him tonight.

SALLY: How do you think he’ll react?

CASSIE: I think he’ll be ok about it. Last time when I thought I was pregnant he was happy.

SALLY: Do you want me to be with you when you tell him?

CASSIE: No, I’ll be fine. [Cassie smiles]


[Martha knocks on the door, Phil, the photographer answers it]

MARTHA: Hey Phil.

PHIL: Martha. What a pleasant surprise. What are you doing here?

MARTHA: I just need to talk. [Martha smiles and walks through the door, Phil closes it]


[Dan and Leah walk in]

DAN: So when are we going to visit Joe next?

LEAH: Tonight. I just want this nightmare over with. [Rachel storms in] Rach- what’s the problem!? [Rachel goes to the alcohol cabinet] Rachel, don’t!

RACHEL: I need to! The pain needs to go away!

LEAH: What’s going on? What happened?

RACHEL: I had a fight with Kit. [Leah doesn’t look happy]

LEAH: About Kim?

RACHEL: Well that’s all we have in common Leah. Kim, Kim and Kim. [Leah and Dan look at each other]

DAN: I’m going to call Joe.


[Jack and Tony are talking]

TONY: Mate, you’re playing with fire here.

JACK: She just doesn’t understand the way I view life. She wants me to live by her rules.

TONY: So then you threatened her with a divorce?

JACK: I never said that… I can’t even think! That’s how angry I get!

TONY: Do you love Martha?

JACK: Yes! With all my heart!

TONY: Well Jack I don’t know what else to say to you. You have to make a decision. Martha or the Church!


[The boot of a car is open, the figure places the box in it which reads ‘Tick, Tock’. Another figure walks towards the car with another box, it’s Tracey and Zoe]

TRACEY: What time do you think we’ll arrive in Summer Bay?

ZOE: Late. [Tracey puts the box in the car and closes the boot, you hear someone in the backseat of the car, they make a noise]

TRACEY: What are we going to do with her?

ZOE: We just can’t leave her in the back seat. People would notice. It’s too risky. We’ll put her in the boot of your car.

TRACEY: Ok. [Zoe kisses Tracey] What was that for?

ZOE: This is finally happening. [Zoe and Tracey smile]


[it’s now night] Lucas is walking towards a caravan, and is looking around so no one notices him, he walks into the caravan, Drew is waiting in there]

DREW: Hey!

LUCAS: Hey. [sounding upset]

DREW: What wrong?

LUCAS: Matilda and I broke up.

DREW: Poor thing. [Lucas sits on the bed with Drew] How is she?

LUCAS: I think she’ll be ok. She should be fine.

DREW: I’m glad to hear it. [Drew leans over to kiss Lucas, Lucas pulls away]

LUCAS: Are you sure we won’t get caught?

DREW: I’m positive. [They begin to kiss]


[Dan and Rachel are talking]

RACHEL: I think I’m going to move.

DAN: What!?

RACHEL: Well I can’t exactly stay here. My life is a mess.

DAN: Rachel you can’t move away just because you’re having a tough time.

RACHEL: Yes, I can!

DAN: Well, where are you going to go?

RACHEL: I don’t know. The city?

DAN: Rachel. Think about this.

RACHEL: I am Dan, I know this is what I want. [There’s a knock at the door. Dan goes to open it. It’s Lisa, she looks very upset]

DAN: Lisa!

LISA: Dan, hi. Can we talk? [Leah walks in, Dan and Leah look at each other] It’s about Joe and the baby.

LEAH: Why? What happened? [Lisa walks in and Dan closes the door]


[Cassie walks in]

MACCA: So, what’s so urgent that you have to tell me? [Cassie says nothing] Cassie?

CASSIE: Sit down Macca. This is going to be a lot to take in. [Macca looks confused]


[Phil and Martha are talking]

PHIL: Do you love Jack? [Martha says nothing]

MARTHA: I don’t know anymore. [Martha tries to laugh, but she begins to cry. Phil wipes one of her tears away. They just stare at each other. Martha draws herself to Phil, and kisses him. None of them pull away. They get up from the table, Phil takes her top off. They move towards the bed]

PHIL: I can't believe it's finally happening!


[A car pulls up in front of the ‘Welcome to Summer Bay’ sign. It’s Zoe’s car. She gets out and stares at the ocean and smiles. While she’s doing this another car pulls up. It’s Tracey’s. Tracey gets out and they share a kiss in front of the sign]

TRACEY: Three hours with that girl kicking and screaming in that boot is giving me a migraine!

ZOE: Her nightmare will be over soon. [Zoe smiles and walks over to Tracey’s boot. She opens it and talks to the girl] I don’t think we’ve had a proper chat? Have we? I’m Eve. Eve Jacobson. AKA Zoe Macallister, AKA Maxine Trood, AKA The Summer Bay stalker! You may of read the stories in the papers. And let me tell you, they are true. I am doing this for Sarah. And it’s your fault that got her in this mess. You started it in Summer Bay. And it’s going to end here in Summer Bay. [Zoe smiles at the girl, we finally see the identity of the girl, it’s Dani! Zoe shuts the boot hard and walks back over to Tracey]

TRACEY: I thought It was going to be impossible to find her. [Talking about Dani]

ZOE: It’s going to be even more impossible to find the others. Two of them are out of the country. Another two are on the run. One of them is in jail. Three have passed away, (rest in peace Detective), and the other two are still here. Right here in Summer Bay. It’s finally time to get my revenge! [Zoe smiles, then Tracey]

Just 15 episodes until the UNFORGETTABLE season finale

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Ok! Wow.... This is better than the original one. I love it!!! *Happy dance*

*Hands a plate of cookies*

Now comments:

EP1: Very good start. Liking the Irene stuff.

EP2: Not keen on Amanda / Macca, but it has entertainment value. And Zoe/Tracey .... let the bloodbath begin! I love what you are doing with M/J! The kissing the shirt stuff very sweet. FATHER LOGAN: Oh, well that’s nonsense. We pressure into marriage, not divorce. LMAO!! Classic comment :lol:

EP3: Am still loving the M/J stuff. The Irene stuff is great with Ken. And :o Corey. You are the best!!

EP4: Kit/Kim, aww please write more of them!! Drew / Lucas, Is it wrong that I love this? :P And may I gloat that I worked this out before I read it :P Go me!! :lol: Dan/Rachel Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! That is just wrong, but interesting. And how do you come up with theese classic comments? RIC: Well it’s like Jack chose an invisible, one hundred million old man, over Martha.

TBC cause I want to use more smilies

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EP5: Cat Fight! Cat Fight! Cat Fight! :P Liking the J/M stuff. and M cheating, that is SO Wrong.... but just so good at the same time. Still liking the Luke/Drew thing. DB should take notice of that! Am liking the Cassie Pregnancy thing, a little cliche but at least you didn't go the paternitygate way. Loving the Stalker stuff and :o Dani! If Zoe/Tracey don't kill her, i'll have to do it myself :lol:

Ok so now I'm getting RSI from commenting :P Basically I love it and I shall bug you and tempt you with imaginary cookies until EP 6 is up!

PS: Now where's my $50? :lol:

[End of comments]

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Drew! That's awesome! I love the Drew/Luke stuff and I love your stalker idea - I wish they tracked down the original seige victims in the show! Wicked update dude! :D

I know! It would of been heaps mad :D That's why i'm tracking them down in here, this is going to be how i would of wanted Zoe's revenge to be. And don't worry, no cakes are involved :lol:

Next episode should be up soon...

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