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All questions WILL be answered lol... this is not Lost :lol: ... I don't think the J&M fans will like what i'm doing with their characters lol.

Hmmm...now this sounds good. :D

I'm lovin' BC II Drew...I hope you update soon! :D

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Sadly OA, it'll have nothing about "you know who" as times has changed in Aussie :(

Damn. I didn't think you would. I liked your Zoe/Mumma Rose connection before though - was an excellent twist. :wink: Still looking forward to your new stuff!

I had so much twists with that storyline! I was thinking of doing it here still but with Zoe dead, but it wont work as their connection was with someone else, which wouldn't work out now because of storyline development within the show.

Yeah I get what you're saying. Shame it ended like that - but what can you do? :P *Looks forward to BC II*

ETA: I guess you could have some message from the grave explaining all the loose ends (like a note or something left for Mumma Rose - I'm sure she'll return at the end of the year in the show for the 'promised one' and all) :wink:

I can't reveal too much, but the storyline i had planned for the last fic, will play out in this one. Just without Zoe. Which i'm cut about as this storyline has alot of twists that no one saw coming. For example, I planned that Mumma Rose was Rachel's birth mum... Didn't see that coming did you :lol:

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Irene was hearing things…

IRENE: You had to of heard that! [irene turns towards the front door, Robbie and Tasha look at each other]

ROBBIE: Irene maybe you should get some sleep.

IRENE: I don’t need sleep Robbie! You think I’m going crazy, but I’m not!

TASHA: Irene, Robbie is right, get some rest. [irene hears some noises again, she squeals and covers her ears]

IRENE: Get away from me!

Tasha began to believe that maybe Irene wasn’t going crazy at all…

TASHA: Did you hear that? [Tasha jumps out of bed]

ROBBIE: Hear what?

TASHA: Robbie I think Irene has been telling the truth.

Sally began to feel guilty for her relationship with Brad…

[sally and Brad are having dinner alone in the house, Brad puts his hand on Sally’s, Sally pulls away]

BRAD: I’m sorry Sally.

SALLY: No, I’m the one that should be sorry Brad. I’m just-

BRAD: You’re not ready are you? For a relationship? [sally stares at Brad]

And Cassie made a shocking discovery…

[Cassie stares at herself in the bathroom mirror]

CASSIE: Oh my God.

EPISODE ONE: There's Something About Irene's Mind


[Tasha and Robbie are walking along the beach]

TASHA: What do you think we should do?

ROBBIE: She needs help.

TASHA: We just can’t put her in a mental institution, remember what happened the last time we did that?

ROBBIE: But remember why we did it? She was placed in there because of the events that are happening now to her. Seeing things and hearing things.

TASHA: Robbie, I heard noises to last night.

ROBBIE: No you didn’t Tash. It was probably just some wind or something.

TASHA: Robbie, I know what I heard. And I think Irene is telling the truth.

ROBBIE: Well if she can hear the voices, how come we can’t? [Tasha looks at Robbie]

TASHA: Let’s go home, I need to give Rebecca a feed. [Tasha walks off, Robbie just stands on the beach]


[sally is making dinner, Cassie walks in]

SALLY: Cassie would you be staying home for dinner?

CASSIE: Uh, yeah. [Cassie sits on the lounge, Sally walks over to her]

SALLY: You had to give dinner a thought? [sally lets out a laugh, Cassie smiles]

CASSIE: Nah, I was just thinking about something else.

SALLY: Is everything okay?

CASSIE: It’s all good Sally. [Cassie smiles] What about you? You looked a little down this morning.

SALLY: I’m alright, it’s just Brad.

CASSIE: Is everything okay between you and him?

SALLY: Yeah, it’s just I feel like we’re moving too fast. I mean Flynn hasn’t even been dead for a year yet and already I’m beginning a relationship with another man. Can you imagine what people are saying behind my back?

CASSIE: Sally, Flynn wanted you to see other men. I knew this was going to happen, so did Ric. We all have to move on someday Sally. It’s for the best. [Cassie smiles and walks away]


[Tasha and Robbie walk through the door]

TASHA: We’re home. [irene comes out from the bathroom]

IRENE: Oh good, I’ll put the kettle on. [Robbie just stares at her]

TASHA: Rob? What are you doing? [Robbie walks over to Tasha]

ROBBIE: That is not Irene!

TASHA: What are you talking about of course it’s Irene.

ROBBIE: She’s back to her normal self. Where’s all her frowns and squealing?

TASHA: Robbie, that’s not funny.

ROBBIE: I’m not being funny, I’m telling you, that person in that kitchen is not Irene! [irene comes out of the kitchen]

IRENE: What are you to whispering about? [With a huge grin on her face]

TASHA: Nothing Reenie, just talking about Rebecca. [irene goes back into the kitchen, Belle comes down the stairs, she runs over to Robbie and Tasha]

BELLE: Thank god you guys are home!

TASHA: What’s wrong? [irene is humming in the background, and begins to pour the tea]

BELLE: That’s what’s wrong. [Looking at Irene] She’s different. I mean last night she was crying and squealing, now she’s acting as if nothing happened. [They just stare at her]


[Ric is setting up the table for dinner, Cassie walks in she stares at Ric]

RIC: What?

CASSIE: Nothing, just watching you set the table. [Cassie smiles]

RIC: Cassie what’s wrong?

CASSIE: Nothing, nothings wrong. Why does everybody think that something is wrong?

RIC: This last week you just seemed a little down. [Drew walks in] Drew, do you think Cassie looks fine?

DREW: She standing on two feet and has a heart beat, so I think she’s fine. Why?

CASSIE: Ric just thinks something is going on.

DREW: Well if something is wrong, I think Cassie will tell you Ric, she is your girlfriend.

CASSIE: See, why can’t you have a mind like Drew’s? [Cassie smiles and walks away]


[Everyone is eating dinner, the baby starts crying]

TASHA: I’ll go get her. [Tasha walks away, Irene begins to move funny]

ROBBIE: Irene is everything okay? Irene?

IRENE: What?

ROBBIE: Irene, are you okay?

IRENE: Of course I’m fine Robbie. [irene moves into the kitchen]

BELLE: We have to do something.

ROBBIE: Finally, somebody sees eye to eye with me. [irene begins to scream, Robbie runs into the kitchen along with Belle] Irene, what’s wrong?

IRENE: They wont leave me alone! [irene crouches on the floor]

BELLE: Who wont leave you alone? [irene begins to squeal loud. Robbie stares at her with sympathy and doesn’t know what to do, Belle looks horrified and runs away]

ROBBIE: Belle! Belle! [Tasha runs in with the baby, the baby starts crying]

TASHA: What the hell is going on? [irene is now rocking back and fourth]

ROBBIE: Can you hear the voices Tasha? Because I can’t!

IRENE: I told him to be careful, but he wouldn’t listen!

ROBBIE: Who wouldn’t listen? Irene?


[Everyone is eating dinner, Belle lets herself into the house, everyone stares at her]

BELLE: Oh, sorry.

DREW: Belle? What are you doing here?

SALLY: Are you okay? You look scared.

BELE: I’m fine. Drew can we go for a walk? I just need to talk to you.

DREW: Um, sure. Is that okay Sally?

SALLY: That’s fine. [They walk out]

RIC: I wonder what all of that was about?


[belle and Drew are walking]

BELLE: Everything just happened so fast, one minute we were having dinner, next Irene was on the ground squealing. She looked so lost.

DREW: Is she okay now?

BELLE: I don’t know. I ran off because it got too much for me. Irene was scaring me. [They sit down on the sand] Thank god I have you to help me get through this. [They smile and kiss]


CASSIE: How come Brad wasn’t here tonight?

SALLY: He was having dinner with Rachel, Leah and Dan tonight.

CASSIE: Oh, fair enough.

SALLY: I know I shouldn’t be telling you guys this, but have you heard the news about Leah and Dan? [Ric and Cassie look confused] They’re having a baby! [sally has a huge grin]

RIC: What? Are you serious? [Cassie’s smile turns to a frown] How?

SALLY: They’re adopting.

RIC: How long have you known about this?

SALLY: Only a week. But it’s so exciting! I’m really happy for them! [Cassie begins to cry and runs up stairs] Hey, Cassie, is everything alright?

RIC: I should go talk with her.


[Robbie and Tasha are whispering, Irene is sleeping on the lounge]

ROBBIE: We can’t handle this Tash, she needs help!

TASHA: Rob, I know what happened tonight was freaky. And really scary, but I can’t do this to Irene. Not again.

ROBBIE: Who do you think she was talking about?

TASHA: What do you mean?

ROBBIE: She was going on about how he should of kept careful and how he wouldn’t listen. Who do you think she’s talking about? [Tasha hands the baby to Robbie] Can’t you hold her?

TASHA: I’m going to get Irene a blanket.

ROBBIE: I’ll go get it for her. [Robbie walks to the cabinet]

TASHA: Robbie, is everything okay?

ROBBIE: Why wouldn’t it be?

TASHA: It’s just, every time I hand you Bec, you seem to always push away.

ROBBIE: No I don’t.

TASHA: Yes Robbie, you do. Robbie, are you really okay about Bec? And how she’s Jonah’s daughter?


TASHA: Robbie, just answer the question.


[belle and Drew are making out on the beach, Belle takes out a condom from her pocket]

DREW: Wow, you came prepared.

BELLE: Well I thought you wouldn’t be, so yeah, I came prepared. [belle smiles, Drew gets himself off Belle] What’s wrong?

DREW: Nothing, don’t you think this is a little rushed?


DREW: We’re not even a couple.

BELLE: Well what are we?

DREW: I thought this was just a bit of fun. You and me.

BELLE: It is, but can’t I want something more?

DREW: Belle, I’m not ready.

BELLE: Well fine then. [belle gets up and walks away]

DREW: Belle. Belle!

BELLE: Leave me alone jerk!


[Ric knocks on the door and lets himself in]

RIC: Cassie. Are you okay?

CASSIE: I’m fine Ric, I just had a moment.

RIC: A moment?

CASSIE: It’s a girls thing. Ric can I be alone for just five minutes?

RIC: If that’s what you want.

CASSIE: It is. [Ric smiles and closes the door. Cassie opens her side draw and takes out a used pregnancy test, she just stares at it and begins to cry again]

Just 19 episodes to go until the heart-stopping season finale.

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