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  1. The Den and Diner are definitely on the same level - they are joined by a kitchen. I remember seeing a second level too but they must have just conveniently forgotten it. Unless they're on the 2nd floor, and you have to go up those outside stairs to get to it.
  2. Not necissarily. If he hasn't had a hypo or felt bad, then there's really no need to mention it. As a diabetic myself, IMO Ric hasn't really done anything that it would really be needed to be mentioned for.
  3. Not that I can recall. I think he was mentioned though...
  4. I already answered this question on the previous page.
  5. Still pretty much the same. Jack really loves Martha, he told her, she's now with Michael, he's still with Sam, who is still insainly paranoid and jelous of Martha. Same old stuff, still movimng nowhere so far!
  6. John Butler Trio - Zebra / Better Than
  7. I'm not sure about Cassie's dad, but her mother is alive, but dumped her on Joy when she was about 10 or so, I believe. Yes, her uncle is Joy's son, because he was the one that decided to turn off the life support, if I remember correctly.
  8. Maddie! This is so good xGlowingAngelx!
  9. That was like when Joel McIlroy replaced Martin Dingle - Wall as Flynn, and Irene said something about him getting a haircut, making him look different when it was obviously a new actor.
  10. Later than that, she finishes in December.
  11. Yes, but when the original boy was playing VJ, he was a toddler, so that means he didn't have to pay much attention, or even listen to what was going on around him.
  12. Thirsty Merc - In the summertime
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