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Bay Crush

Guest Drew

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I love this fic. Sorry I haven't commented on it before. You are an extremely talented writer. It's not east to write about so many charcters before but you have done it fantastically. I can imagine all this happening on the actual show. It's a shame that the fic is coming to an end but I've really enjoyed it.

Just wanted to say.....

Tony and Josie :wub: So cute!!

Luc :o What are you doing.

Well done!! You could be the next scriptwriter on H & A. lol. I'm serious!!!

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Tony and josie? Right. I was wondering what happened to this! :P

How are you going to end this? Sounds like it could go on for AGES! :P:P

There isn't going to be an ending. It's just going to end in the middle of nowhere... Sorry! :(

Thanks you 3 though for the comments!

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