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Irene finally cracked under the pressure…

IRENE: Why do you think I’m going crazy when I’m not?

TASHA: Irene? [irene begins to hit herself with her hands]

IRENE: I’m not going crazy! They just wont leave me alone!

TASHA: Irene whose they? [irene begins to cry] Irene, you need to tell me! [belle and Robbie walk in]

IRENE: I’m not telling you nothing! You think I’m going crazy! All of you!

ROBBIE: Irene we don’t think that.

IRENE: Bull! [Tasha goes closer to Irene to hug her] Don’t touch me! [irene shoves Tasha into the cupboards she runs away]

BELLE: Irene!

Suspicions were being made…

ROBBIE: Did you ever stop to think that Corey may be behind this?

TASHA: Corey? Corey is in jail Rob, he couldn’t do this to her.

ROBBIE: Anything is possible when a mad-man is locked up inside.

Martha’s perfect night didn’t go to plan…

[The whole room has been set up for a romantic night, Martha is waiting at the table, she dials Jack’s phone but goes to his voice mail. She hangs up]

MARTHA: Where are you?

And a visitor made Leah and Dan’s world crumble…

[Leah answers the door, a nineteen year old boy; Joe is standing there]

LEAH: Yes, can we help you?

JOE: I’m looking for Leah and Dan. [Dan comes into the conversation]

DAN: Yeah, that’s us mate. Who asking?

JOE: Joe, Joe Turner. I believe that my girlfriend is giving up our baby for adoption, and giving it to you guys. [Leah and Dan look at each other] Problem is, I don’t want the baby to go up for adoption. I want it.

LEAH: No wait, you can’t do that. Lisa signed the papers, the baby is ours.

JOE: Without my signature, it’s not. [Leah looks very concerned and looks at Dan]

LEAH: He can’t do this Dan. Tell him he can’t!

DAN: If there’s no signature by him Leah… He can.

EPISODE 3: Is This Revenge?

[Tasha is pacing around the room, Robbie runs in from the back door]

TASHA: Have you found her?

ROBBIE: I haven’t seen her. I did several laps along the beach. Tash, she’s missing.

TASHA: Well, we need to call the police or something, I mean Reenie isn’t going to walk home by herself. [Tasha runs to the phone]

ROBBIE: She’s been missing for three hours Tash, I think she’ll be fine.

TASHA: No, no she won’t, especially with what she’s going through right now. Nothing will be alright.


[irene is rocking back and fourth underneath a tree, you can hear voices that are going through Irene’s mind, it’s a man]

VOICE: Irene, I never stopped loving you.

IRENE: Leave me alone!

VOICE: I just want to hold you again.

IRENE: I said leave me alone!

VOICE: You don’t want me to go, you’re just scared. [The voice begins to mumble into a whisper and disappear, Irene begins to cry]


[Jack walks in and notices Martha asleep on the lounge, he looks disappointed, because he missed the romantic night that Martha planned, he picks Martha up, she wakes up]

MARTHA: Jack, what are you doing? [still half asleep]

JACK: I’m taking you to bed.

MARTHA: No, no, leave me alone.

JACK: I’m not leaving you here.

MARTHA: Jack, just leave me alone! [Martha seems fully awake, and walks into the bedroom]

JACK: Martha, I’m sorry I missed tonight! If you called me I would have been home sooner. Martha? [Martha doesn’t answer]


[it’s pitch black, Leah is having a coffee at the table, Dan walks in]

DAN: I was wondering where you were. Come back to bed with me.

LEAH: I don’t feel like it Dan.

DAN: Leah, you need some rest.

LEAH: Dan, I’m fine how I am. [Dan sits down]

DAN: Leah, you’ve hardly slept in two days.

LEAH: I don’t care if I have no sleep Dan, all I care about is getting our baby.

DAN: Leah, we can’t do anything about it. The baby is not ours.

LEAH: She told us that they wanted nothing to do with the baby once it’s born, and now two weeks before the birth, her boyfriend shows up and tells us he wants it. Dan, you just don’t do that.

DAN: He can Leah, and he will.

LEAH: Why do you have to be so negative about this Dan? Am I the only person in this room that knows that having a baby will keep our marriage safe?

DAN: You think our marriage is in trouble?

LEAH: Dan, if we didn’t look into this all those months ago, I don’t think we will be where we are now.

DAN: So you think having a baby is the only reason why we should stay together? [Leah says nothing] I’m going for a walk. [Dan walks out the door]

LEAH: Dan. Dan!


[Tasha is drinking a coffee, Robbie walks out of the bedroom. It’s now Day]

ROBBIE: Tash, did you come to bed at all last night?

TASHA: I couldn’t, I had to stay awake for Reenie. [belle comes down the stairs]

BELLE: Is she home yet? [Robbie looks at Tasha]

TASHA: No, she’s not home yet.

BELLE: What are we going to do once she comes home? I’m looking at the reality here, I don’t think we can handle her.

ROBBIE: We couldn’t last time either.

BELLE: What does that mean? [belle looks confused]

TASHA: This happened to Irene, around this time last year. [belle looks surprised]

BELLE: And you guys didn’t want to tell me?

ROBBIE: Because we had no need to. Last year Irene was poisoned, that’s what triggered her going mental.

BELLE: Poisoned? How? [Tasha and Robbie look at each other]


[Martha is about to walk out the door, Jack is eating breakfast]

JACK: Where are you off too?

MARTHA: Some of us girls are going shopping for Beth and Tony’s wedding.

JACK: Where are you guys going?

MARTHA: Into the city, I have to pick up Tash first. Are you going out with your father and Luc?

JACK: Nah, I told dad I’m busy.

MARTHA: Busy with what? [Jack says nothing, Martha knows she knows the answer] Oh, Jack! Get a hold of yourself!

JACK: Martha, how is it wrong to go out and help people that need helping?

MARTHA: Why don’t you go help your father? His wedding is less then a month now!

JACK: I don’t think dad is going to need my help to pick out a tux.

MARTHA: What about all the help he did at our wedding? Jack, give your father some respect!

JACK: I give him respect! I try and give you respect! And you just want more!

MARTHA: What I want is for you to go back to your normal self. The Jack I knew before we were married!

JACK: Well then if you don’t like how I am now, then maybe we shouldn’t be married.


JACK: If this is the way our marriage is going to be. Then Martha, we have no marriage. [Martha looks surprised at what Jack said]

MARTHA: I’m leaving to go pick up Tash. [Martha leaves, Jack looks upset with what he said]


[Tasha is drinking a glass of water, Martha comes in]

MARTHA: Hey Tash, ready to go?

TASHA: Go where?

MARTHA: To the city.

TASHA: Oh, Martha I completely forgot! I’m so sorry.

MARTHA: Are you alright Tash?

TASHA: I’m fine. [Martha hugs Tasha] No, not really. Reenie is missing and we can’t find her!

MARTHA: What? Where is she? [belle barges through the front door looking very happy, Robbie walks in with a very tired Irene]

BELLE: We found her! She was asleep down at the beach! [Tasha runs to give Irene a hug]

ROBBIE: I’m going to call Rachel. [Robbie says whispering to Tasha]

MARTHA: Rachel? Guys, what’s going on?


[Leah is making breakfast, Dan walks in]

LEAH: Dan, about last night.

DAN: It’s ok Leah, don’t worry about it.

LEAH: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that. I’m just so upset about how this whole situation is turning out.

DAN: About the baby?

LEAH: We need to do something Dan. We just can’t watch him take the baby once it’s born.

DAN: What do you think we should do?

LEAH: I don’t know, but we’re going to have that baby. One way, or another. I don’t care if I have to cry all my tears out to get it, we’re getting that baby! [Leah looks upset, Dan hugs her]

DAN: Hey it will be alright. I’ll call everyone over for breakfast ok. [Dan walks into the loungeroom, he sees Rachel]

RACHEL: Is she upset again? [Dan now looks upset]

DAN: I don’t know how to act around her, I’m trying to stay strong for her but I can’t. I’m feeling what she’s feeling. We can’t just watch him take our baby! [Rachel hugs Dan]

RACHEL: Hey, it will be alright. [They keep hugging, though the hug doesn’t look to friendly, it looks passionate, Rachel’s phone rings] Hello? [PAUSE] Robbie, hi. [PAUSE] Uh, sure. [Rachel hangs up]

DAN: Is everything alright?

RACHEL: Yeah, yeah. I think so anyway. [Dan looks confused] I’ll be back soon.


[irene is lying on the lounge with a blanket, Rachel knocks on the door]

RACHEL: Morning. [Robbie runs over to her]

ROBBIE: Hey, can you do something before she gets worse?

RACHEL: Well I can’t exactly do anything. What exactly is going on? [Tasha walks over]

ROBBIE: She keeps going on about hearing voices, and how these people won’t leave her alone.

RACHEL: Whose they?

TASHA: That’s what we keep asking.

[belle is holding Irene’s hand while Irene is lying down, Irene begins to make noises]

BELLE: Irene?

IRENE: He’s back.

TASHA: Whose back Irene? [Rachel looks shocked]

IRENE: I can hear his cries.

TASHA: Whose cries? [Martha in the background looks scared, Irene covers her face]

RACHEL: Irene, what’s going on?

IRENE: He won’t calm down!

RACHEL: Who? [irene uncovers her face, then screams in great fright, behind Rachel is Ken!]

IRENE: Please go away!

RACHEL: I can’t just go away Irene, I need to help you, now can you-

IRENE: Not you, Ken!


BELLE: Whose Ken? [Tasha looks at the photograph of Ken where all the photos are]

TASHA: Irene’s fiancé, he died just before they were going to get married.

KEN: And married we shall be Irene. [Ken slowly walks up to Irene]

IRENE: Just leave me alone Ken! [irene is crying heavily and looks scared]

KEN: It will all be alright darling. [Rachel looks at Robbie]

ROBBIE: What are we going to do? [Rachel walks up to Robbie and Tash]

RACHEL: I think it’s for the best, just for now though, but I think we should place Irene in a mental institution.

TASHA: No, no, Rachel we can’t! Last time when we did they she hated us!

RACHEL: I understand that Tasha, but this is for the best. [Tasha looks upset]


[Jack walks inside and sees Father Logan]

JACK: Father. Good afternoon.

FATHER LOGAN: Afternoon Jack. How are you? And how is Martha? [Jack says nothing] Oh Jack. Maybe you should consider counseling.

JACK: Counseling won’t solve our problems, Father.

FATHER LOGAN: Then what are you going to do? Just give up on your marriage?

JACK: I told Martha, if she continues the way she is, then we have no marriage.


JACK: I can’t handle being in this miss that we’re in. I want out.

FATHER LOGAN: You just can’t give up on your marriage!

JACK: Maybe I can.

FATHER LOGAN: Maybe you can, but the Lord won’t allow it.

JACK: What?

FATHER LOGAN: Divorcing your wife is something you shall not do Jack! Otherwise you’re not welcomed within our church. [Jack looks upset] Go Jack, just go. [Jack says nothing and leaves]


[irene has calmed down on the lounge, Rachel, Tasha and Robbie are standing in the kitchen]

TASHA: I still don’t think this is a good idea.

ROBBIE: Rachel said it’s for the best. [Two men knock on the door]

MAN 1: Hi, is this the Robert’s place?

IRENE: Yes it is, who are you?

MAN 1: I’m from the mental institution. Where’s the patient?

IRENE: What patient? [Tasha begins to cry]

RACHEL: This lady over here gentlemen. [Walking over to Irene]

IRENE: What? No, no, no, no, no, no. I’m ok. I’m not crazy!

BELLE: Irene, Rachel said it’s for the best. [The other man struggles to put the stray jacket on Irene] I’m sorry.

IRENE: No, no, no, no! This is a mistake! Please don’t take me! [They begin to walk towards the back door] Please, I’m begging you! [irene sees Ken]

KEN: It will be alright Irene!

IRENE: Please let me go! [irene forces the men to stop in front of Tasha] Tasha, please! [irene is crying and so is Tasha]

TASHA: I’m sorry Reenie, like Belle said, it’s for the best!

IRENE: No, Tasha! Tasha please! Help me! Help me Tasha! [The men walk Irene outside, Robbie hugs Tasha, Belle sits on the lounge trying to take in everything that just happened, Martha looks shocked still]

ROBBIE: Are you ok? [Tasha shakes her head and buries it in Robbie’s chest]


[Leah is on the phone]

LEAH: Okay, great! Thanks a lot! [Leah hangs up, Dan walks in]

DAN: Who was that?

LEAH: The bank. I just think I found a way to get our baby.

DAN: How?

LEAH: Well they’re two teenagers in love, and all teenagers care about this stage is their own life and money.

DAN: Leah…

LEAH: If we give Joe a certain amount of cash, he’ll sign the papers!

DAN: Leah, it’s not right.

LEAH: Dan! He’s a teenage boy and all he cares about is himself and money! We’re getting that baby back! [Leah walks away, Dan doesn’t look comfortable]


[it’s night time. Irene is crouched in a corner, she looks very upset and scared, you hear the door slowly creep open]

IRENE: Whose there? [The figure slowly walks up to Irene, Irene can’t see the face because the room is dark] Who are you!?

DOCTOR: I’m a doctor Irene. I just came here to give you your medicine. [He hands her a drink]

IRENE: I’m not drinking that.

DOCTOR: You need to. The better you are, the more quick of a chance you get out. [irene looks pleased to hear those words, she takes the drink and drinks it] That’s a good girl. [The moonlight from the window shines onto the doctors face, It’s Corey!] Now, Irene, I want you to get some rest. You’re going to need all your energy, very soon. [Corey smiles, Irene looks suspicious]

IRENE: What? [she notices the face and how it’s Corey] Oh my god! Oh my god! Help me! Help me please! Quick! [Corey quickly escapes and locks the door, Irene is crying, Irene races to the door to try and get out] No! Let me out! Let me out! Please!

Just 17 episodes until the BACKSTABBING season finale…

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Though others will die soon :o mwhahaha

Music to my ears! :D

If you think Zoe is the one responsible for people's deaths, think again (actually she will kill) but... People turn against each other, very soon :o hense explains the latest title at the bottom of the third episode :o:lol:

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Though others will die soon :o mwhahaha

Music to my ears! :D

If you think Zoe is the one responsible for people's deaths, think again (actually she will kill) but... People turn against each other, very soon :o hense explains the latest title at the bottom of the third episode :o:lol:

So one of the residents could kill someone? I'm glad Zoe's gonna kill btw

And there's that pesky message about overloading on emoticons again.

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Though others will die soon mwhahaha

Music to my ears! :D

If you think Zoe is the one responsible for people's deaths, think again (actually she will kill) but... People turn against each other, very soon :o hense explains the latest title at the bottom of the third episode :lol:

So one of the residents could kill someone? I'm glad Zoe's gonna kill btw

I never said one Andy :o:huh: lol

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