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Cassie’s secret was about to rock Macca’s world…

MACCA: So, what’s so urgent that you have to tell me? [Cassie says nothing] Cassie?

CASSIE: Sit down Macca. This is going to be a lot to take in. [Macca looks confused]

Jack has a difficult decision to make…

TONY: Do you love Martha?

JACK: Yes! With all my heart!

TONY: Well Jack I don’t know what else to say to you. You have to make a decision. Martha or the Church!


FATHER LOGAN: Divorcing your wife is something you shall not do Jack! Otherwise you’re not welcomed within our church. [Jack looks upset]

Martha was now unfaithful…

[Phil and Martha just stare at each other. Martha draws herself to Phil, and kisses him. None of them pull away. They get up from the table, Phil takes her top off. They move towards the bed]

Rachel thinks she should move out of the bay to rid herself of her problems…

RACHEL: I think I’m going to move.

DAN: What!?

RACHEL: Well I can’t exactly stay here. My life is a mess.

DAN: Rachel you can’t move away just because you’re having a tough time.

RACHEL: Yes, I can!

A visitor turns Leah and Dan’s life around…

[There’s a knock at the door. Dan goes to open it. It’s Lisa, she looks very upset]

DAN: Lisa!

LISA: Dan, hi. Can we talk? [Leah walks in, Dan and Leah look at each other] It’s about Joe and the baby.

And one girl’s revenge is about to kick off…

ZOE: [Zoe smiles and walks over to Tracey’s boot. She opens it and talks to the girl] I am doing this for Sarah. And it’s your fault that got her in this mess. You started it in Summer Bay. And it’s going to end here in Summer Bay. [Zoe smiles at the girl, we finally see the identity of the girl, it’s Dani! Zoe shuts the boot hard and walks back over to Tracey]

TRACEY: I thought It was going to be impossible to find her. [Talking about Dani]

ZOE: It’s going to be even more impossible to find the others. It’s finally time to get my revenge! [Zoe smiles, then Tracey]

EPISODE 6: She's Back. They're Back. They'll Be Back.


[Two hands are tying another two behind the chair, it’s Tracey and Dani]

DANI: Please let me go! I haven’t done anything wrong!

TRACEY: Save it for judgment day!

DANI: What? [Tracey finishes tying her hands together, she walks towards the door] No, no, no, no! Please!

TRACEY: I’ll see you soon Dani. [Tracey slams the door shut, Dani begins to cry. You can here Tracey locking the door]


[Macca walks in, Amanda comes down from the stairs. Macca looks like he’s in a state of shock]

AMANDA: What took you so long? It’s eleven in the evening. [Macca just stares at her] Is something wrong?

MACCA: Nah, nah. I was just held up back at home. [Macca kisses Amanda] But I’m here now. [Macca walks up the stairs] Coming Amanda?


[it’s all dark, Cassie walks through the door, Ric is sitting on the lounge]

RIC: Did you tell Macca? [Cassie get’s a fright]

CASSIE: Ric, you scared me! What are you doing awake?

RIC: Waiting for you. Did you tell him?

CASSIE: Yeah, I told him.

RIC: How did he take it?

CASSIE: Not well. [Ric looks disappointed]

RIC: So what happens from here?

CASSIE: What do you mean?

RIC: Us? Where does this leave us? Our relationship?

CASSIE: I don’t- I don’t know. [Cassie walks up the stairs leaving Ric behind]


[Zoe is changing, Tracey walks in]

TRACEY: Dani’s been taken care of. [Zoe smiles]

ZOE: Now just to find the others.

TRACEY: Do you even have a clue where to begin?

ZOE: I’ve located Kane and Kirsty. They’re hiding in Queensland.

TRACEY: Queensland?

ZOE: I know where they are and where they’re living.

TRACEY: So when will we go up there?

ZOE: We wont. Kane is a criminal on the run. He’s a fugitive. Now it’s just your job to hire cops to go to where they are and catch him out. Once he’s arrested Kirsty will come back to the Bay. She’s barely talking to her family so she’ll run back to her second home. Irene’s. That gives us an easy target to capture Kirsty and-

TRACEY: What will we do once Kane is in jail?

ZOE: Make sure he gets transferred to the jail down here. Otherwise our plan wont work if two of our victims are in two other jails.

TRACEY: Well when do you want me to make the call? [Zoe smiles] I’ll go get my phone.


[it’s morning. Dan walks in and begins to make himself a coffee. Rachel walks in with a few bags]

RACHEL: Dan! What are you doing up?

DAN: Where are you going?

RACHEL: I told you. I’m leaving.

DAN: Rachel, I’m sure you can work through this if you-

RACHEL: No Dan. I can’t! I’m better off leaving now before the situation gets worse. Besides, you’re going to need the extra room now. Joe’s not the father Dan, you guys are finally getting the baby.

DAN: I know. [Dan smiles] Just to think with everything we’ve been through, it’s finally happening.

RACHEL: Have you heard any news about the biological father?

DAN: No, they’re still searching for him. [Leah walks in and notices the bags]

LEAH: Rachel. No. [Leah and Rachel look emotional at each other]

RACHEL: Leah I have to, it’s for the best!


[Martha slowly wakes up next to Phil. She realizes what she’s done]

MARTHA: Oh no. [Martha slowly gets dressed, not waking Phil]


[sally is eating breakfast, Cassie walks in]

SALLY: Morning.

CASSIE: Morning.

SALLY: How did it go last night?

CASSIE: Not so well, but I got it off my chest. That’s the main thing!

SALLY: He didn’t hit you? Did he?

CASSIE: No, no. He was fine about it. I think he was really shocked. Because none of us planned this.

SALLY: Are you sure he’s the father?

CASSIE: Sally I’m sure. Ric and I haven’t… Ever since we’ve been back together.

SALLY: Did you guys talk about the situation? Child support?

CASSIE: Um no. Not yet. I think we’re still both in shock to think about that.

SALLY: Yeah, of course you are. [sally hugs Cassie] It will be alright. We will all be here for you.

CASSIE: I know. [Cassie smiles]


[Macca is reading the paper while eating breakfast, Amanda walks in]

AMANDA: Morning.

MACCA: Morning.

AMANDA: What are you reading there?

MACCA: Some fugitive up in Queensland was captured in the early hours of the morning last night; apparently he used to live here in the bay.


MACCA: Kane Phillips… Know him?

AMANDA: I’ve heard of him. He used to live with Irene and his teenage wife. They ran away before the court could lock him up... [Macca keeps reading] Is everything alright? Because yesterday you didn’t seem like your normal self.

MACCA: Oh. I was just a little tired. Nothing flash. What time are you picking up your kid?

AMANDA: Soon. I’m just going to get changed. [Amanda walks out]

MACCA: Alright. [Macca puts the paper down, he looks angry and then throws his breakfast on the floor, he then screams]


[Martha walks into the room, Jack walks in]


JACK: Where were you last night? I was getting worried.

MARTHA: We had a late night, and I felt too tired to drive home all the way from the city.

JACK: Alright then. Martha, about the counselor-

MARTHA: If you think we need counseling Jack, then we’ll get counseling. [Martha smiles and walks off]


[Leah is watching the television, Dan walks in]

DAN: She’s packing her car right now. There’s nothing we can do. She’s really doing this.

LEAH: She’ll be back.

DAN: She seemed pretty serious that she wants to get the heck out of here. Aren’t you going to stop her?

LEAH: Dan, she needs to sought out her life. What’s wrong with going to the city for a few weeks?

DAN: She wants to move there permanently Leah.

LEAH: Dan, she’ll be alright!

DAN: Are you ok? I mean I thought you would be over the moon that we’re finally getting a child.

LEAH: I am… I think I’m just a little nervous. [Rachel walks in]

RACHEL: Guys, I’m ready to go. [Leah hugs Rachel]

LEAH: Are you sure you want to do this?

RACHEL: I’m sure Leah. I’ll be back, don’t worry about that.

LEAH: See Dan, I told you she would come back. [Dan smiles, they hug]

DAN: Bye Rachel.

RACHEL: Bye Dan, thanks for letting me stay in your home. [Leah is focused on the T.V]

DAN: Oh it’s ok. Just let us know when you want to move back in. [They laugh, Leah turns the T.V up]

LEAH: Oh my god! It’s Kane! [They all turn to the T.V]

NEWSREADER: In the early hours of the morning, Kane Phillips has been arrested for a robbery he performed almost two years ago. The young man and his wife, Kirsty Phillips, ran away from their seaside town, Summer Bay, so Kane could have a jail free life from his sentence-

LEAH: I can’t believe they caught him!

DAN: Poor Kirsty.

LEAH: What about the baby? How is she going to cope?

RACHEL: They were from Summer Bay?

LEAH: Yeah, good friends of ours, they left the bay early last year. Now what’s Kirsty going to do?


[Tracey is watching the T.V, Zoe comes in and hugs her as they watch]

TRACEY: This is easier then I thought.

ZOE: I told you babe. [Zoe kisses Tracey on the check] Now all we have to do is wait. And Kirsty should be in Summer Bay any day now.


[Ryan runs through the door, Amanda walks in. Ryan screams, Amanda runs into the kitchen]

AMANDA: What is it!? [Amanda notices it’s Macca]

RYAN: What are you doing here? [Amanda and Macca begin to whisper to each other]

AMANDA: What the hell are you doing here?

MACCA: You said you went to go get changed!

AMANDA: Yeah! Two hours ago!

RYAN: What’s going on?

AMANDA: Honey, Macca is our new gardener.

RYAN: He is? We have a garden inside the house?

AMANDA: No silly. The garden is outside. You should know that! He’s just having a break. I just hired him this morning.

MACCA: You did? [Amanda’s winking] Oh yeah, you did! [Ryan looks confused and walks away] That was close! [Amanda doesn’t look happy]


[Ric is playing the playstation Cassie walks in]

CASSIE: Hey. [Ric says nothing but continuous to play] Ric?

RIC: What?

CASSIE: Are you ok about all of this? I mean, me being pregnant, to Macca?

RIC: Oh of course I’m fine. My girlfriend is having a baby with another man. She slept with him and she never told me about it! I’m just great Cassie!

CASSIE: Can you try and give me some sympathy here Ric, I didn’t ask for this!

RIC: Oh! And you think I asked my girlfriend to fall pregnant to the guy that bashed her head in!? [Cassie looks at Ric with shock]

CASSIE: That was so selfish Ric!

RIC: Selfish!? You want to talk about selfish!? You want every person in this town to feel sorry for you because you’re not smart enough to use a condom!

CASSIE: Ric I’m a girl, the condom should slip on a guy, not a girl!

RIC: Ok. So it’s Macca’s fault then?

CASSIE: I’m not blaming him!

RIC: Well you have to blame someone don’t you? You’re always blaming someone Cassie. Let’s blame Pippa. No wait! We can’t blame her. A three year old would have more sense then a winging cow like yourself! [Ric runs up the stairs]

CASSIE: Ric! We’re not finished yet!

RIC: Moo-I-Am-Moo!


[Rachel shuts the boot of her car, Dan and Leah are standing next to it]

RACHEL: Well. This is it. [Rachel and Leah are about to cry. They hug]

LEAH: I’ll miss you.

RACHEL: I’ll miss you too. Bye Dan.

DAN: Bye. [They hug]

RACHEL: When Brad comes back from W.A can you explain-

LEAH: I will, don’t worry. [Rachel hops in the car] We’ll miss you!

RACHEL: I’ll miss both of you! And the boys! I’ll be back to see the third one, that’s for sure! [Rachel smiles, and drives out of the drive way, she beeps the horn as she goes up the road]

LEAH: I can’t believe she’s gone.

DAN: She’ll be back. That’s for sure. [Dan and Leah hug] Should you ring Kirsty?

LEAH: Nah. She’ll be fine. I have a feeling we’re going to see her back any day now. [Another car pulls up in the driveway, it’s Lisa, she gets out] Lisa, hi.

LISA: Hey guys. [she looks upset]

LEAH: Has something happened?

LISA: It’s Joe. When I told him the baby wasn’t his we had a huge fight. And then he kicked me out.

DAN: Oh. That’s- that’s a shame. Are you ok?

LISA: No, I have no place to stay. And I’m about to pop! [Leah and Dan look at each other]

LEAH: We lose a housemate, we gain a housemate!

LISA: Sorry?

LEAH: Would you like to move in? Until the baby is born and you get your life back on track?

LISA: Are you sure?

DAN: Of course we’re sure. For god’s sake Lisa, you’re carrying our baby. [Lisa smiles]

LISA: Thanks guys. This means a lot. [Leah hugs Lisa]


[Martha is changing, her phone rings, it’s Phil]

PHIL: Hey gorgeous!

MARTHA: What do you want?

PHIL: What’s with the bitterness love? In the mood to come back to my place?

MARTHA: That should never of happened Phil. [Jack is about to walk in, but stops and listens]

PHIL: Come on! Don’t you wanna do it again?

MARTHA: Phil. Sleeping with you was a-

PHIL: Pretty please! [Jack looks very shocked, he walks in]

JACK: Who are you talking to? [Martha hangs up]

MARTHA: No one. Just a guy from work.

JACK: And you expect me to believe that?

MARTHA: I’m serious! He’s a photographer! Our relationship is just work related.

JACK: You just said you slept with him! [Martha says nothing]

MARTHA: What I was going to say to him Jack, was that sleeping with him was a big mistake!

JACK: Martha, you still slept with him!

MARTHA: That’s because I was furious at the way you’ve been treating me. But waking up this morning I realized this is stupid what we’re fighting over!

JACK: So, you slept with him last night? [Martha says nothing] How many times?


JACK: How many times Martha?

MARTHA: Just once, I swear! Last night was the only time. Jack! I love you! [Martha tries to hug Jack but he pulls away]

JACK: Funny that. Yesterday I told dad the same thing. That I love you. If I had that conversation with him tomorrow, you know what my response will be? I loved Martha! [Martha begins to cry]

MARTHA: No Jack, that’s crazy! You do love me!

JACK: I don’t even know what to do anymore.

MARTHA: I’m sorry.

JACK: It’s not good enough. You were unfaithful to me!

MARTHA: If I could take it back Jack, I would!

JACK: But you can’t! I’m leaving.

MARTHA: What!?

JACK: I’m leaving! [Jack begins to walk out]

MARTHA: No Jack wait! Let me explain! [Martha follows him]

JACK: Martha! I just need some time to myself.

MARTHA: To yourself?

JACK: To myself and God.

MARTHA: Oh, so you’re not really leaving me? [Jack looks upset and walks out the door] Jack! Jack!


[sally is cooking dinner, there’s a knock on the door]

SALLY: I’ll just be a second. [sally puts the dinner in the oven, she walks over to the door and opens it] Oh my god! [Pippa and Ian are there] What are you guys doing here?

IAN: Well it’s nice to see you too. [ian and Sally hug]

PIPPA: How are you beautiful?

SALLY: I’m good. I’m very good. Come in, come in. What are you guys doing here so unexpectedly?

PIPPA: Did I forget to tell you the news? [sally looks confused] Ian and I decided to get married here in Summer Bay!

SALLY: Married!? [sounded excited]

PIPPA: Yes! Next Week! [sally looks shocked]


[Zoe is going through a magazine, Tracey walks in]

ZOE: I’m bored Trace.

TRACEY: We both are.

ZOE: Who do I have to kill to get rid of boredom around here? [Tracey smiles at Zoe] What?

TRACEY: Well it’s not long until judgment day. Can’t you hold on until then?

ZOE: Judgment day is planned way ahead… I wish my mother was around to see me do this. [Zoe smiles]

TRACEY: I thought the last you saw of her was when you were four?

ZOE: It was. But she would be proud of me. Living a life on my own. Not by her beliefs. She’ll be very proud.

TRACEY: What do you mean beliefs?


[A woman is chanting in the bush. It’s now night time and she’s surrounded by candles. A girl walks up to the woman, we don’t see the faces]

GIRL: Are we ready to leave here?

WOMAN: All in good time.

GIRL: The baby would have been born weeks ago!

WOMAN: And I need time to talk with the Lord to help me do this! Sorry. We’ve just never been in a situation like this before. [The woman’s face appears to be Mamma Rose’s] Kidnapping one of our own is going to be painful for our spirits! Especially when it’s the Chosen One! [We see the girls face, it’s Charity’s]

CHAIRTY: So when do you think we’ll go back?

MAMMA ROSE: Sooner then you may think. [Mamma Rose smiles]

Just 14 episodes until the UNFORGETTABLE season finale

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^^They could be spoilers Andy until the final. You never know lol. Actually as i said before i was shocked that tonights episode was something i predicted in my fiction. With Rachel drinking, going to hospital etc :lol:

Please update soon. That was brillant.

Will Rachel come back to the bay?

Macca and Amanda. :lol:

Yes she will! Believe me! She'll come back and all hell would brake loose!

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